I have a great competition for my readers, something to get you all ready for the new year. Up for grabs is a completely personalised planner from Personal Planner UK. The lucky winner will be sent a digital voucher to create their own planner (or notebook) on the website. 

Included in the creation of your own personal planner:

  • select picture (even your own), text & colour for the front & back
  • 12 month weekly planner, starting at any month you choose
  • page with owner information
  • personalised pages at the back, with optional year overview
  • four sizes to choose from
  • heavy, easy to write on paper and robust cover
  • elastic closure to close it securely
  • plastic sleeve and ruler that doubles as a page marker

All you have to do is fill in the Rafflecopter form below. Leaving a comment is compulsory, then you can earn a few extra entries if you like. In your comment (in the main blog comment box, not the Rafflecopter box), all you have to do is tell me who you think needs a personal planner the most and why! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Terms & conditions

– One comment per entrant required, with an answer to the question. This is mandatory, other entries can be gained afterwards.
– Prize is a digital voucher to use on www.personal-planner.co.uk. 
– Competition ends 17/11/2013 at 23:59
– Winner will be drawn via Rafflecopter/random.org. 

– The winner will be emailed and must respond within 1 week to claim the prize, otherwise the winner will be redrawn.


I'm Stacey, in my (very) early 30's, from a small village in North Lincolnshire. I'm a stay at home mum to two boys and a mental dog. You'll find me blogging mainly about food & lifestyle with a bit of random thrown in.

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  1. ME! I have post it notes and bits of paper everywhere it's terrible haha x

  2. Me because I never remember peoples Birthdays!

  3. Because I very unorganized and never remember to get cards in thew post in time

  4. Im a busy working mom and my menopause has sucked all the memory brain cells!

  5. My mum, I always get her next years diary for Christmas.

  6. Myself, to assist me in getting more organised.

  7. My husband does – he is very unorganised and needs some help!

  8. has to be me

  9. A busy mom more than anyone

  10. I do…with 4 kids and all their activites , my hubbys work commitments and hospital appts for myself i dont know where i am half the time..

  11. Me!! lol I'm a busy mum & blogger I need help organising my life….hehehe

  12. me – i need a severe organisation

  13. me to keep me organised

  14. ME me me , please rescue me from endless post it notes, please help me be more organised for next year, thanks for the chance to win this xx

  15. I do I need to keep track of everything especially my money more than before so if a big events and birthday are coming up then these have to be saved for

  16. I need one as at the minute I have some appointments on my calendar some in my diary. I need to have them all together somewhere!

  17. My husband needs one most. He forgets everything and anything important is written down on scraps of paper scattered through the house. It's really unlikely he'd use a planner though so it's really me that needs one so I can organise him, and everyone else . . .

  18. Emma Dora Louise Thackery

    me because i am so forgetful

  19. That'll be me.. I think of things and if I didn't write it down I'd forget. Ideas for the blog, food items needed.. you name it!

  20. Me as I am sooooooooo disorganised

  21. My daughter who is going back to work in the new afterthe birth of our grandson and will need to be super organised

  22. my partner needs one with his new business

  23. Because I'm so disorganised

  24. Just to get all my info in 1 place

  25. Myself as I keep forgetting to do things and my partner is hopeless at remembering family birthdays.


  26. The whole family to get organised

  27. so need this for my work

  28. me! my memory is terrible! ::)

  29. meeeeeeee! i have so many dates for my son's school, i'll never remember them without one

  30. my sister she never remembers anything

  31. Me, for my business

  32. my husband then I wont need to remind him of everything

  33. my friend as she is always forgetting important dates especially school ones

  34. so i can remember dates

  35. My sister, as she never knows when she will be free until the last minute – keeping track of things is not her forte!

  36. for me so i can remind myself of certain dates

  37. I would have it for me, for blogging. who's compeition I've entered and when.


  38. i would have it for me, i really need one with my job as a carer to jot down the names addresses and time in need to visit my old ladies

  39. my sister. She still hasn't started her xmas shopping yet!

  40. me – i always for birthdays and end up sending cards late or even worse not at all

  41. Me so i can remember peoples birthdays better

  42. Me because i am so forgetfull my kids take the mickey out of me!

  43. My Mum, she's getting a bit scatty these days x

  44. My sister – so she can organise her life!

  45. My husband… so he can remember the stuff I tell him we're doing!

  46. Me it is complete nuts in our family

  47. I need it to remember birthdays and appointments, I'm terrible!

  48. Definitely me – I pretty bad at remembering the kids activities/play dates/pre-school session plus appointments, birthdays etc. Now I have started tutoring and teaching in the evenings so I have to remember sessions/prep/homework marking as well. I need something to get me organised!

  49. i think i do as im due baby number 5 in 32 days and so forgetful so i need somewhere to keep all the important things to do 🙂

  50. I do! I've got a 15 month old and a baby due in January, I have a serious case of baby brain.

  51. I do, at my age I am finding that I am forgetting things more and more, so need to write things down.

  52. Me, I have little bits of paper all over the place, I need to get organised..

  53. My sister

  54. This would be a great surprise for my mum – she likes to have everything very organised,thankfully cos I am the complete opposite! lol

  55. My son he's totally unorganised

  56. My mum she forgets everything

  57. My 3 children. With playdates football, gymnastics, etc

  58. My friend does – she is a food Journalist and has lots of appointments to remember.

  59. Me, I am always forgetting appointments

  60. Most definitely a Mum, they have so much to organise 🙂

  61. Me, I'm always making little lists.

  62. Kristy Leanne Brown

    Me, It's so hard trying to keep track of the kids and hubby as they are all so busy, as well as my own appts/hobbies/meetings too!

  63. my daughter who is currently studying for A Levels prior to starting uni next year. She needs some organisation!

  64. ME! I forget all sorts of events

  65. me

  66. Oh god, I do.

  67. me as a mum of 4 boys it gets very hectic

  68. me – i have so many dates to remember would be handy to be able to have enerything wrote in the one place

  69. Myself i am totally dis-organised with birthdays appointment and any other dates that i need to remember

  70. I need one because I'm so absolutely hopeless at remembering dates.

  71. I do because my memory is slipping as I get older and I'm always forgetting important things.

  72. i do. my partner leaves everything up to me to sort out and theres alot going on all the time!

  73. Me! I need organising. I try to do everything at once & end up completing nothing.

  74. I think I need it because I've got a memory like a sieve!

  75. A Callendar for dates you have to remember and appointments, birthdays etc.

  76. Claire Thomson Little

    me as i'm a busy working mother of 3 children with a terrible memory i need to get organised

  77. my daughter, she keeps forgetting her appointments.

  78. I do, because now my children are getting older, I spend my life constantly worrying that I've forgotten something, and apologising for being late!

  79. My husband!! He's always forgetting things!

  80. Me for work and home 🙂

  81. me! A step up from my pieces of paper in various locations!

  82. Me, I'm forever forgetting things!

  83. Me – so I can organise everything

  84. I always buy one every year for my best friend as shes forever writing notes and bills down but really i should use one to try and organise myself better.

  85. me i have a son who has so many hospital appointments with two children and school dates and then every other appointment or bdays i really could do with a planner to organise my life better

  86. myself I am very forgetful

  87. Me, now that I have to keep track of my little boy's social life as well as my own.

  88. Me, I am terribly disorganised and more and more am forgetting to do things or what im meant to be doing. Oops!

  89. Me! I am SO forgetful!! 🙂 x

  90. Definitely me! I'm so forgetful, easily done running around after my 2 daughters and baby son!

  91. To help organise 6 kids & work & me 🙂

  92. Me!! I am so unorganised

  93. My partner, who needs organising!

  94. My husband needs one instead of using me as his own personal planner. I am pretty good at remembering things, but unless it is written down or I tell him, then he can never remember what our plans are!

  95. Me, because I can't remember anything.

  96. My hubby because he thinks he is organised but is always forgetting things

  97. Me! I love writing lists and writing in my diary it keeps me organised

  98. Keep organised with all appointments etc for the whole family

  99. me for my emigration!

  100. I do as i need to keep very organised with all of my family appointments especially with the hospital ones, it would be better than my notice board which is over packed with different letters and little memos

  101. Me because i'm completely disorganised

  102. Me – I'm a mess. I'm always late, never know where I'm going… my poor husband!

  103. I need one to organise my blog posts better.

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