Your summer bag checklist – 5 things you shouldn’t leave home without

Summer is here! It’s my favourite time of year: days out with the kids, long summer days and cool summer evenings, BBQs, picnics, holidays in the sun and lots of memories to be made. What’s not to love?

Picnic basket

Heading out and enjoying yourself in the summer sun with the kids in tow, does take a bit of planning. Not only financially – click here for ways to avoid debt – but also the route, the activities and of course remembering everything you’ll need to take with you!

So, to make lift a little easier, I’ve put together a little checklist of some of the most basic essentials that you should try to take with you. What essentials do you always take out with you? Let me know in the comments below!

A sun protection pack

summer sunscreen

There’s nothing more important than protecting your little ones skin – and your own of course – from the sun’s harmful rays. Put together a sun protection pack and you won’t be worrying about them all day. You’ll need a high factor sun cream, sun hats for all the kids, sunglasses, some after sun and a reusable water bottle so everyone can stay hydrated. You can always keep your pack in the car so that way it won’t be forgotten – just remember to fill the bottles up.


The kids will definitely want some tasty treats while they’re out and about which can get expensive. So, to stop hunger pangs from taking over a lovely day in the sun, make sure you bring along plenty of snacks for them to enjoy. Crackers, rice cakes, breadsticks, sandwiches and of course fruit. Don’t bother with chocolate or fizzy drinks!

A change of clothes

You might only be popping to the beach for an hour or so in the afternoon. But when your little one falls over in the water or their ice lolly melts all over their top you’ll wish that you had brought some more clothes along. Pants, socks, shorts and t-shirts can be rolled up small and placed in the bottom of a bag or left in the car. I usually keep a spare towel in the car just for emergencies!

A fully charged phone

phone charger

If you’ve been up since 6am, streaming the radio, scrolling through social media, listening to your favourite podcast or taking pictures of the kids eating their breakfast, then your phone’s battery might be on the low side by the time you get out. Make sure you have plenty of charge left before you leave, this should cover you for and photographs or videos you want to take, looking at google maps, or if you need to call someone in an emergency.

Spare change

I very rarely take cash with me these days. However, when you’re out with the kids those little pennies do come in handy. Small activities such as trampolines, crazy golf, penny pushers or even a new bucket and spade can easily be spent using your spare change. Not all small vendors take card payments!

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