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One of Jacob’s subjects he is passionate about right now is the world and countries; he owns a number of atlases which he studies every night before going to sleep. We will often be having a conversation and he’ll randomly tell me a fact about the world that I had no idea of.

We generally have staycations but J is always telling me of the places he would love to visit. Recently during his pirate project for school we discussed where he would travel to if he were a pirate He decided on the other side of the world! Koh Samui is one of those places practically on the other side of the world, and a place I would love to visit.

Koh Samui can be a wonderful place to visit with a young family. I’ve put together a few pointers below to make a start on planning an excellent adventure! (Particularly for those with a member of the family with additional needs, like us).


Koh Samui villa

When we go on a staycation I prefer to stay in a cottage so we have our privacy and we’re not so restricted. When we do eventually take the boys abroad I am pretty sure we will book a villa rather than a hotel for those very reasons. Koh Samui villas would be the first place I would be looking for accomodation. The villa consultants have travelled all over Koh Samui and seen the villas for themselves; so they are full of knowledge and tools to help you find your perfect accommodation!


Koh Samui beach

The boys love visiting the beach but too many people about can be overwhelming for Jacob. So we would need to visit an area with quieter beaches. As long as there are the three “S’s” – sand, sea, and shade – and the beach isn’t very crowded, the boys would be in their element. I’d just lay back with a book and let the males enjoy themselves! Living The Dream has a great guide to the best beaches for families in Koh Samui.


Koh Samui food

As well as traditional Thai food in the many eateries and food markets on Koh Samui, there are plenty of establishments that offer food suitable for the younger ones. This is really good to know because though Jacob would try anything, Noah wouldn’t entertain something that looks even remotely exotic. We’d definitely be paying a visit to some of the places mentioned here!


Koh Samui temple

As much as we would love visiting the beautiful beaches of Koh Samui, we wouldn’t travel all that way and not explore a little more! There is so much to do and explore, even with kids. From visiting temples to the elephant sanctuary, a water park to a sheep farm. One thing is for sure, we’d never get bored on this small island!

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4 thoughts on “Visiting Koh Samui with a young family | Bucket list

  1. I never been to Koh Samui, I think it would the best place to the bucket list, Thanks for sharing the Place… what are some water sport available there?

  2. We decided to look at Villas because we are staying for an extended period of time. We are having our wedding in Tuscany so we rented a few weeks around the wedding for preparations as well as to relax afterwards.

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