Make this year the most productive one yet – 5 productivity tips

Do you ever feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day? Do you wake up in the night worrying how you’re going to cram in everything you have to do today? If you’re struggling to balance work, your social life and even your littles ones it can feel like a constant uphill battle.

But did you know that there are ways you can improve your productivity without having to lock yourself in a room and switch off from the world? Here you’ll find 5 productivity tips to help you! Good luck!

Head outdoors

evergreen trees

I know, I know – the last thing you want to do is move away from your laptop and it can seem counterproductive. But in reality, getting up and spending some time outdoors can really improve your productivity levels. Head for an area that’s open and filled with plenty of trees – check out these beautiful evergreen trees from the Tree Center – and you’ll find that you have the chance to reset your mind, boost your energy levels and get a better perspective on things. Even if it’s just for 20 minutes a day – you can reduce your stress levels too.

Turn off your distractions

The most dreaded productivity killer out there is the smartphone… and of course people turning up at your door as well as emails and possibly even YouTube. Technology is meant to be our best friend when it comes to productivity – but it can also be our worst enemy. And while you might not be able to control your great aunt making an unexpected appearance at your door, you can control the technology in your life. Put your phone out of reach, so you’re not tempted to pick it up!


Eat a good breakfast

Its true what they say – breakfast is the most important meal of the day! And those who’ve had a good, healthy breakfast are more productive. Hunger pangs are distracting and can prevent us from concentrating so, no matter how busy your schedule might be, make time to eat a good breakfast.

Say “No”

How many extra tasks have you taken on, simply because you wanted to help someone out, or because you felt you couldn’t refuse? If your calendar is filled with jobs or favours that aren’t of benefit to you and are proving detrimental to your working life then you need to learn to say “no”. Whether it’s more work, an invitation to something you’d rather not go to, or you’re feeling the pressure of the school bake sale – practice ahead of time saying, “thank you for asking, but no”. People will soon learn that you’re not there to pick up their slack!

Do the hardest task first

Maybe it’s a phone call you’ve been dreading or going through your overstuffed inbox. Whatever you’ve been putting off, it’s much better for your productivity to get it over and done with. Rather than having it hang over you through you working day! Once the weight has been lifted, you’ll find your output soar!

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