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April is here, spring is upon us, which means lots of long days spent in the garden are ahead. With Jacob being at school now, and Noah now going to nursery for three mornings a week, I will also have the garden all to myself for a few hours a week – heaven! Well, I will be sharing it with a dog now, also…

We moved into this house one and a half years ago, and have done quite a bit of work on the garden already; but, we still don’t have it near where we want it. I know we will get there eventually though, and I hope we can put some work into it this summer, so it is all ready for us to enjoy completely next year!

There are a few bits of landscaping we still need to do, but I think it’s the finishing touches of furniture and ornamentals that really give a garden its “look”. The main garden we use is backed by fields, and we only have one neighbour so it is lovely and peaceful; perfect for days spent lazing reading a book. In an ideal world, anyway, but not much chance of that with the boys running around!

I’ve put together my summer garden wish list, to complete our lazy country garden. I’ve mainly been lusting over the new garden range from Fishpools as I’ve always wanted a rattan garden set!

St James – Daybed Brown Rattan Garden Set

I’ve always imagined lazing the day away on a daybed and I have completely fallen in love with this St James one. I love the fact that this one is covered to shade myself from the sun, but I can also pull out the stools if I want to be in the sun. Plus it comes complete with coffee tables – always a necessity! It would make a great addition to my patio.

St James daybed brown rattan garden set

Alexander Rose Cornis Companion Set

The idea of a “love seat” has always appealed to me – they really are cute! This companion seat is ideal for sitting outside with The Husband when the kids have gone to bed, a glass of wine in hand, watching the sun set. Perfect.

Alexander Rose Cornis Companion Set

Four Elements Clay Chiminea

A chiminea is perfect for those light nights, when there is still a slight chill in the air, we have guests around and we don’t want to be sat indoors. Instead we want to be outside, admiring the wonderful view we have. I love the pattern on this one and it looks big enough to keep everyone warm.

Four Elements Clay Chiminea

Edinburgh Wooden Barrel Garden Water Feature

I love being by the water so a water feature is a must for my garden. Keeping in line with the wood and brown theme, I love this barrel water feature with the water cascading down.

Solar Powered Edinburgh Barrel Water Feature

Classic Lantern Solar String Lights

I do already have fairy lights down one side of my garden which look so pretty at night, and a solar powered topiary ball hanging outside my door. But, I love these lantern solar string lights which would look lovely around my patio area.

lantern solar string lights

What’s on your spring garden wish list?

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I'm Stacey, in my (very) early 30's, from a small village in North Lincolnshire. I'm a stay at home mum to two boys and a mental dog. You'll find me blogging mainly about food & lifestyle with a bit of random thrown in.

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  1. Great ideas! I can add an outdoor pool or table tennis table to your list. It is a good idea to spend more time on open air. Something like this: https://pinterest.com/pin/362469469986491440/

  2. Hello Stacey, Great idea for spring. These are the awesome tips to take care of the garden. The garden is beneficial for us. It’s really an awesome blog. Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. I love the wooden barrel or any kinds of water fountain. The sounds of water make the garden is more lively, it brings positive power to your garden.

  4. I have small garden and sometimes i do not know how to make it become more beautiful . Thanks to your suggestion i have a lot of ideas to renew it. Thank you so much for your sharing.

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