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6 gift ideas for the traveller in your lifeImage

If you have someone who loves to travel and is always jetting off across the world on their adventures, then they’re not always the easiest person to buy for. Smellies and fancy toiletries probably won’t be their first priority when it comes to cramming everything into their backpack, and pretty home décor items probably wouldn’t be appreciated if they’re never at home to enjoy them properly…

So, what do you get someone who loves life on the road? Check out my top 6 gift ideas for the traveller in your life.

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A portable power bank

We can all relate to the frustration of our phones running out of battery when we’re out and about. And when you’re travelling between remote locations, or you’re take a huge amount of photographs and videos, then your battery life will suffer even more. That’s one of the reasons why a portable power bank is an ideal gift for anyone who’s on the road and documenting every highlight.

A travel pillow

Sounds a little obvious, but you’d be surprised how many experienced travellers won’t take a long haul flight without one. Having your neck properly supported whilst you’re in the air, travelling by car, train or even bus is an absolute must – so your recipient will certainly appreciate a little extra comfort and support when they’re travelling.

Wireless, noise cancelling headphones

wireless earphonesImage

From watching a movie on their laptop, to enjoying some music or a podcast to pass the time between flights. Wireless, noise cancelling headphones are a great gift. They’re ideal for entertainment purposes and gives your recipient chance to switch off and relax from what’s going on around them. Bliss.

A passport and document holder

Passports can start to look a little battered over time. Whether we’re holding them between our teeth as we struggle with luggage, or they’re just constantly handled. Treating your travelling friend to a passport holder will ensure that their passport is kept safe and in good condition. You can also purchase a passport holder that doubles as a document holder too. So there are no issues with damaged documents at border control or the airport!

A travel journal

travel journalImage

You probably enjoy following your friend’s travel adventures online. But what about something personal, that’s just for them to enjoy? A travel journal makes a great gift as it provides an outlet for emotions, ideas, memories and for documenting their trip. It’s personal and will be great to look back at when they come back home.

A tripod with remote

I’m sure your friend would love to be in some of the photographs they’re taking! Rather than asking someone to take a photograph for them, or trying to take an awkward selfie, treat them to a camera/phone tripod with a remote button, so they can take incredible photographs whilst on the road – and actually get some decent ones!

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