Vaccinations for the little (big) man

Last week the little man went for his first set of vaccinations. To be honest I think I was dreading it more than him. Well obviously, seeing as he didn’t know he was having them! He was asleep when we arrived at the doctors which made it even worse as I knew it would wake him up. On the advice of others I dressed him in shorts so we didn’t have to put his bottoms back on over his sore legs. I also took some milk for him to have afterwards to calm him. We were waiting for 20 minutes before we even went in as they were running late. The nurse explained to us about side effects and how they are different for each baby, but what to look out for. The Calpol was waiting at home anyway (only a couple of minutes walk so didn’t bother taking it with us). 

I let hubby hold J to have the injections as I just couldn’t face it. So, the nurse put the first needle in his leg, and oh my did he flinch and scream! This immediately brought a tear to my eye. He just wouldn’t stop crying, my poor little guy. Though he still had his eyes closed so I think he was still half asleep! Then, hubby turned him round for the nurse to do the other side. Cue another flinch and scream, at which point I actually did burst into tears, it was so horrible to see. I gave him loves & kisses while hubby was still holding him, I was so sad. But, I’d rather he went through that, than something worse. We had to sit & wait for 10 minutes to make sure he was ok, at which point we gave him his milk. On the same day he had his 8 week check up and the doctor was very happy with him.

He was quite grumpy for the next couple of days, and very sleepy, bless him. His legs were a little swollen too. I think the Calpol made him feel a bit better though. 

Yesterday we took him to get weighed. I was expecting him to be 11lb something, as 5 weeks ago he was 9lb 6oz. I undressed him and put him on the scales, he made it difficult though by wriggling a lot, the little monkey! Then the lady said “12lb 10″… “Oh my!” I said! I wasn’t expecting quite that heavy! But this means he’s obviously doing great on formula and growing well… *insert winking smiley here*

2 thoughts on “Vaccinations for the little (big) man

  1. Well done all of you.

    So funny how my perspective is different. Joseph was in hospital for his first round of vaccinations, and then in the community for the next. When he had them he didn't flinch or cry, just looked about as if to say "right, what's next, bring it on".


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