The ‘Berry’ Pregnancy Diaries – week 15

Thursday 5th September – 15w 1d
I’m sure I saw berry kicking for the first time today! It’s much earlier than with little man though, we first saw him kicking at 21+1. I forgot how amazing it was to see your belly moving. 

Friday 6th September – 15w 2d
Think I’m coming down with a cold or something. My nose is running. I have a headache. I can barely keep my eyes open. All I’ve wanted to do is sleep. Fat chance of that though! I always manage to have about 10 colds when I’m pregnant and can’t take a lot. Hopefully it won’t last too long though. 

I had a dream about my Nanna last night. Wouldn’t usually be significant but she passed away in December 2011. It got me very emotional as I got to hug her again. 

I also had my MOT at the midwives today. Everything was fine. I’m not back there until the end of December now though for my 34 week appointment as I will have my 28 week one when I have my GTT up at the hospital. Though I’ll actually be having my 34 week one a little early as they don’t have next years diary yet. Also got a prescription for Vitamin D tablets, because I’m fat and I need it as I can’t absorb it properly. 

Saturday 7th September – 15w 3d
I had another dream last night, another celeb one. This time it was Jean Claude Van Damme. Though hubby claims I told him this morning that it was actually Arnie Schwarzenegger. Either way, pretty much the same. It’s kind of vague now but I remember that he had 3 wives, I was one of them, and I had to kill him. I did it! It was a task & a half though. 

Sunday 8th September – 15w 4d
Been forgetting to take my iron and Vitamin D tablets. I must remember. Both very important. Bad Stacey. 

Monday 9th September – 15w 5d
I am so emotionally and physically exhausted right now. Little man is going through a terrible hitting & tantrum stage, and it’s wearing me down so much. I just want a break, for a day, so I can spend it in bed! Ha, yeah right! 

At 15 weeks, berry is the size of an apple.
Berry has started to hear things from inside & outside.
Berry’s eyes have become sensitive to light and may register a bright light from the outside.
Hiccups have started! But they can’t be felt yet.
Berry’s legs are growing longer than their arms now.
The skin has developed but is still very very thin and translucent.
The bones are hardening and retaining calcium.

The 'Berry' Pregnancy Diaries – week 13

Wednesday 21st August – 13w
Hello second trimester! I never thought I’d get this far after my last pregnancy, so I’m feeling a bit of relief now, and can start to relax a bit more. 

Started baking for my fundraiser today and it has tired me out so much! Reminds me why I didn’t do a lot when pregnant with little man either…

Thursday 22nd August – 13w 1d
Had a rather emotional day today as it was my Grandad’s funeral. So I am emotionally tired tonight. 

I also had an interesting dream last night about berry’s gender! I wonder if it will come true? It did with little man. Obviously I’m not going to give you all the details though as it would spoil the surprise if it is true… I’m getting roughly the same amount of boy/girl predictions at the minute though. 

Friday 23rd August – 13w 2d
Absolutely shattered today after lots of preparation for my fundraiser tomorrow. Couple that with chasing after a nosy hyperactive toddler too and I’m about ready to drop. I’ve had awful shooting pains in my stomach too which reminded me I needed to have a rest to take care of berry (and myself of course). 

Saturday 24th August – 13w 3d
More tired than I have been in a while, tonight! My fundraiser went well though, so it’s all for a good cause! (Obviously berry is a good cause too, you know what I mean though!) 
Monday 26th August – 13w 5d
I was in bed before little man last night, I went at 9pm and apparently he fell asleep at 10. All in all I had 11 hours sleep, and I can tell you that I needed it! It’s been all go again today though preparing for MiL’s funeral tomorrow. 

Tuesday 27th August – 13w 6d
What another emotionally challenging day after MiL’s funeral. It was a lovely send off though, and also before it, I felt the first flutters from berry. Reminded me just how amazing the little life growing inside of me is. And yes, you guessed it, I am very tired yet again…

Berry is the size of a tangerine.
The vital systems are all fully developed.
The body is starting to catch up with the oversized head!
Fingerprints have formed.
The intestines, liver and pancreas are starting to work.
All 20 teeth have now formed and are hiding under the gums.
Berry can smile!

The ‘Berry’ Pregnancy Diaries – week 8

Monday 15th July – 8w 1d
So tired tonight as I’ve been busy pretty much all day, helping the in-laws out with stripping the wallpaper on their stairs and landing. I’ve been told to take it easy, but I mainly did the bottom so I was sat down most of the time. So ner. 

The craving I had with little man has also reappeared! Potato wedges with salad cream! 

Tuesday 16th July – 8w 2d
Have started getting nervous again as in a few days is around the time I started spotting with bean, and then 2 weeks late I miscarried. I know it doesn’t mean it will happen again, but that fear is always there. 

Thursday 18th July – 8w 4d
Had my booking appointment today. Obviously the 3rd one I’ve been to so I knew what was going to happen. Was feeling nervous as I only got as far as this last time, except for horrible scans. The midwife was really lovely though and put me at ease. I couldn’t give a pee sample as I was just so hot so I couldn’t get anything out! She said that had happened loads this week though, and they’ll just get it at my next appointment. I also couldn’t give my blood sample as she couldn’t find my vein, I hate the bloody things, I always have that problem! So I have to go up to the path lab for that, she said there was no rush to do it today though. My BMI measured at 32. This is still under the recommended BMI for a hospital birth, so she said I had no problem considering a home birth, which I mentioned to her. She was really lovely about it too! And she said I am just short, so don’t worry about it being so high. I obviously mentioned my previous miscarriage to her and she said I’m bound to be nervous, and she will try her best to get my scan a bit earlier. Though I know from experience an early scan won’t change the outcome of anything anyway. 

Friday 19th July – 8w 5d
Had another weird dream last night (well, this morning just before I woke up actually). What happened? It’s a long one this time. Well, we lived just around the corner from where we do now, but the name of the street was the same. Where we live, was where my Mum lived, and we were staying there whilst our flat was being renovated. We went to check on it a couple of days before we were due to move back in, and lo & behold, the flats had been knocked down and replaced with caravans, one on top of another. And who lived there? Some celebrities who were filming a reality show! I cannot remember who they were though. But I remember being mega annoyed and wanting to hurt them all! Hubby was also very annoyed, and we stormed off in his car, racing through the precinct. I told him there was a police car on the side of the road but he didn’t care. Anyway, he got pulled over. He was told he could get off without any charges if he signed a piece of paper (I have no idea what it was). But he had to climb up a wall to get it, how odd… It ended there so I don’t know what happened next!

Saturday 20th July – 8w 6d
I had 4 name tag notifications today on Facebook. All telling me I had killed Mel Smith in my sleep! To be honest, as soon as I saw the notifications and I’d been tagged, I knew someone had died…

The ‘Berry’ Pregnancy Diaries – week 7

Monday 8th July – 7w 1d
Had the tiniest bit of spotting this morning – it was literally the size of a pin prick but obviously I went straight into worry/panic mode. I made an appointment with my fab nurse to see if I could either have a blood test or an early scan. I had a blood test to check hormone levels and she said she would ring me tomorrow afternoon with the results. Just have to try and relax a bit.

Tuesday 9th July – 7w 2d
Waited all day for a phone call and heard nothing. Going to call first thing in the morning, and have another night of worrying I suppose. I’ve had no more blood or pains since yesterday though so feeling a little more positive. 

Wednesday 10th July – 7w 3d
So I called the surgery pretty much as soon as they opened this morning. The receptionist told me you can only call for blood results between 2pm-6pm, but they were closed for training this afternoon. So yet another day of worrying.

Thursday 11th July – 7w 4d
By the way, today is our 5th wedding anniversary! So up until 2pm, today felt like it dragged so much. As soon as the clock turned 2pm, I was straight on the phone to the surgery. The receptionist gave me the worst possible news – my blood results showed negative for a pregnancy. I asked her to confirm it, and she did. I just couldn’t believe it. How? Also she said there was a note on there for someone to ring, but obviously no one did. Annoyed. I asked for an appointment to discuss what to do next, i.e. go for a scan to confirm it. I managed to get one for this afternoon which I was pleased about. I told the dr I’d had a negative blood test, and she had a look at my file. She asked who told me that, so I told her, the receptionist. She then told me that it was wrong, as it showed very high hormone levels! For the 2nd time today, I couldn’t believe it, but I was so relieved. She was as confused as I was, so she went to double check with another dr and sure enough, it was as she had said. We were obviously both a bit shocked, but I was also relieved; and angry, frustrated, that I had been told what I had, over the phone. My immediate thought was to write a letter of complaint. Receptionists should just not be ale to give out such important results over the phone, obviously without proper training. What a day. 

Friday 12th July – 7w 5d
Felt really unwell today. So dizzy every time I stand up. Think it could be the heat too, I’m keeping hydrated though and trying to rest when possible! Also another celeb tragedy, I made Alan Whicker die.

Saturday 13th July – 7w 6d
More pregnancy dreams. Last night I dreamed our neighbour put her child in a dustbin because it was crying and wouldn’t shut up! Most of my pregnancy dreams are funny, but I really do hate them sometimes. 

The ‘Berry’ Pregnancy Diaries – week 6

Monday 1st July – 6w 1d
More strange dreams to report. This time it involved one of my forum buddies (let’s call her D – though she knows who she is anyway! I always seem to dream about them when pregnant). We all lived in Cleethorpes, the seaside town just down the motorway from me, and one day I had gone out without little man and hubby (little man was with grandparents, hubby at work). Whilst out I received a phone call from D telling me she knew what I was doing and if I spent less time on facebook maybe I would spend more time with my baby and hubby! Stalker much?… It was just…weird!

Tuesday 2nd July – 6w 2d
Another dream last night. This time it was a horrible one. I dreamed I had started bleeding, and I was terrified. Now twice I have dreamed I was pregnant just before I got my BFP, so I was also worried when I woke up, just in case. I’m pleased to report all is good though. I just hope it doesn’t come true at some point!

Wednesday 3rd July – 6w 3d
We really need to get out of the house! I’m getting cabin fever and little man is going through a terrible 2’s phase at the minute and is driving me crazy! We usually go to stay & play on a Tuesday and Thursday, but because I’m so tired in a morning and they start at 9am, we haven’t been for a couple of weeks. Going to go to bed a bit earlier the evening before I think. The weather is a bit nicer again mow though, so we will go for walks or to the park, or play outside.

Thursday 4th July – 6w 4d
I’ve done it again. I’ve become a celeb killer when I nap. It always happens when I’m pregnant. I go for a nap, wake up, and always the last to know another celeb has passed away. When pregnant with little man I killed Amy Winehouse, Jimmy Savile (but let’s not go there!), Betty Driver, and Etta James. When pregnant with angel bean I also killed Bill Tarmey. This time it was Bernie Nolan (R.I.P).

Saturday 6th July – 6w 6d
Today is two years since we got our BFP with little man! We’ve been playing out in the sun most of the day. Little man had a run around outside whilst Daddy was at work, then we walked to meet him. We then all went to a friends as their little girl had the big paddling pool out. I felt like jumping in myself! Absolutely shattered tonight, now little man never stops! No idea how I’ll cope in a few months with a huge bump to contend with. I’m a Mummy though, I just will!