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Monday 15th July – 8w 1d
So tired tonight as I’ve been busy pretty much all day, helping the in-laws out with stripping the wallpaper on their stairs and landing. I’ve been told to take it easy, but I mainly did the bottom so I was sat down most of the time. So ner. 

The craving I had with little man has also reappeared! Potato wedges with salad cream! 

Tuesday 16th July – 8w 2d
Have started getting nervous again as in a few days is around the time I started spotting with bean, and then 2 weeks late I miscarried. I know it doesn’t mean it will happen again, but that fear is always there. 

Thursday 18th July – 8w 4d
Had my booking appointment today. Obviously the 3rd one I’ve been to so I knew what was going to happen. Was feeling nervous as I only got as far as this last time, except for horrible scans. The midwife was really lovely though and put me at ease. I couldn’t give a pee sample as I was just so hot so I couldn’t get anything out! She said that had happened loads this week though, and they’ll just get it at my next appointment. I also couldn’t give my blood sample as she couldn’t find my vein, I hate the bloody things, I always have that problem! So I have to go up to the path lab for that, she said there was no rush to do it today though. My BMI measured at 32. This is still under the recommended BMI for a hospital birth, so she said I had no problem considering a home birth, which I mentioned to her. She was really lovely about it too! And she said I am just short, so don’t worry about it being so high. I obviously mentioned my previous miscarriage to her and she said I’m bound to be nervous, and she will try her best to get my scan a bit earlier. Though I know from experience an early scan won’t change the outcome of anything anyway. 

Friday 19th July – 8w 5d
Had another weird dream last night (well, this morning just before I woke up actually). What happened? It’s a long one this time. Well, we lived just around the corner from where we do now, but the name of the street was the same. Where we live, was where my Mum lived, and we were staying there whilst our flat was being renovated. We went to check on it a couple of days before we were due to move back in, and lo & behold, the flats had been knocked down and replaced with caravans, one on top of another. And who lived there? Some celebrities who were filming a reality show! I cannot remember who they were though. But I remember being mega annoyed and wanting to hurt them all! Hubby was also very annoyed, and we stormed off in his car, racing through the precinct. I told him there was a police car on the side of the road but he didn’t care. Anyway, he got pulled over. He was told he could get off without any charges if he signed a piece of paper (I have no idea what it was). But he had to climb up a wall to get it, how odd… It ended there so I don’t know what happened next!

Saturday 20th July – 8w 6d
I had 4 name tag notifications today on Facebook. All telling me I had killed Mel Smith in my sleep! To be honest, as soon as I saw the notifications and I’d been tagged, I knew someone had died…

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