22 weeks

Well I have neglected you for a over a week, since last Tuesday, how awful of me! The Sunday just passed saw me entering my 22nd week of pregnancy!

I’m afraid I haven’t really got much to report this week in regards to the pregnancy… Apart from the random, strange & scary dreams are back… Just a couple from this week – a crazy ghost woman invaded my dream and started flapping the duvet and was kicking my belly, woke up in tears with this one, was incredibly scary – of course in the dream husband slept through, and when I actually woke up crying didn’t seem to wake him up either! Last night’s random dream – little man had arrived, but I happened to lose him under all the teddies on the sofa, I turned the whole house upside looking for him (I like how I turned the whole house upside down like I had put him in a drawer or something!); then we had a visitor who found him straight away! Doh!

I have a few topics to write about, I’m going to write these up in the next week or so and schedule them, so look out for posts on – nappies: cloth/’real’ vs. disposables, maternity clothes, prams… Any other suggestions then leave a comment, I’m getting a bit stuck lately! 

20 weeks

So the following video has absolutely nothing to do with pregnancy, but like me, it says “Ohh We’re half way there, Woah Livin’ on a prayer”! And I thought I would give you something to listen to! 

Yep, that’s us, half way through the pregnancy already! Where has the time gone?! Before we know it Christmas will be out of the way and Baby G will soon be arriving! 

This week I think my bump has been slowly expanding, and my boobs, have had to buy more bras for the second time, have gone up two cup sizes now! Not that husband minds of course… Have also bought some nice snuggly jumpers for the winter, went maternity clothes shopping but there’s nothing that I really like in the shops around here! I will leave that there as I will write about clothes in a future post. 

At the beginning of the week I slipped in the bath, nothing major, I just hurt under my armpit where I caught it on the side of the bath, ouch. I’ve been ever so clumsy lately, in the past 2-3 weeks I have cut myself (with a bread knife!) finger is still healing, nearly there now), burned myself twice, fell up the stairs twice, and then the bath incident! As well as at about 7 weeks when I slipped on the kitchen floor but managed to catch myself before I fell completely! (Clumsy episodes since being pregnant #’s 1-7)

Have also had a couple of strange dreams this week! I think the rude ones that I’ve been told all about have started! On Thursday, I dreamed that Jenson Button (British Formula 1 driver who I’m known to have a soft spot for, *blush*) was fondling my boobs! Oh my word! And then on Friday night, I dreamed I was on the train to visit my dear friend Kylie of Not Even A Bag Of Sugar fame. She was cooking enchiladas ready for my arrival, only she had told me to pop to the shop and buy some nachos! Then the train went through a tunnel, and on the other side was some land that was like a cross between Labyrinth and Narnia, complete with Hoggle! Totally & utterly random!

What strange pregnancy dreams have you encountered?

12 weeks

Today is the 12 week mark! Again you could say, as I thought I was 12 weeks on Friday! I would have a (lack of) bump pic to add, but I haven’t managed to get dressed today, oops! So maybe tomorrow or Tuesday…

I also had some really odd dreams during my nap today, one of them I had 4 arms?! I was making a mini trifle and typing on the laptop at the same time?! And the other one, well I’m not telling you that as it is quite embarrassing! Also been waking up a couple of times during the last week screaming and in tears as I dreamed I was being attacked by dogs. Not nice.

Other dreams I have had during my pregnancy so far – that a very attractive celebrity chef was the father of baby! That one was a bit of shock! 3 days before my BFP, I dreamed that someone gave us a baby?! And 2 days before, I dreamed I got my BFP! Dreams really do come true (sometimes).