The ‘Berry’ Pregnancy Diaries – week 24

Wednesday 6th November – 24w
Well today is V-Day – happy v-day to us! Makes it seem all the closer now…

I’m also at the time of year when I’m full of cold so I’ve spent the day wishing I could call in sick, no such luck though.

Friday 8th November – 24w 2d
I had a slight ‘episode’ today. I was doing just fine until I went for a shower, and whilst in there I came over all faint & dizzy. I wasn’t going to be long so just carried on, but when I got out I was shaking, felt really warm, and just cried because I felt so unwell. It went away after I had a lie down, but that’s the first time it has happened to me this pregnancy and I got quite worried. 

It’s random dream time now. I can’t remember exactly what happened (as per usual) but I remember that I was at a party with family, friends, online friends – just loooooads of people. Suddenly a tiger entered the room. At first it was friendly but then it started chasing me, so I ran out of the door, with people following me. I found a bike and jumped on it and started pedalling for my life (literally!). Luckily I got away but unfortunately it got some of the others. Weird. And random. Yeah. 

Saturday 9th November – 24w 3d
It’s that time of year again when the Christmas adverts start showing on the tv, and everybody starts raving about a certain brand’s (initials JL) advert that makes them so emotional and brings them to tears. In theory with all my hormones and being an emotional mess, I should too. But no, as when pregnant with little man, I don’t see the emotional hype. It’s a rabbit and a bear advertising that they sell alarm clocks, so?…

Monday 11th November – 24w 5d
I’ve felt so lethargic today. And sick. And with headache. I spent a lot of the day on the sofa as I just could not be bothered to move. I couldn’t find the energy to cook either so a chippy tea it was!

Tuesday 12th November – 24w 6d
I couldn’t sleep very well last night as I had what sounded like two pigs snoring beside me! So I’m a little tired today…

At 24 weeks, berry is the size of a grapefruit.
The lungs are beginning to produce surfactant, a substance that keeps the air sacs in the lungs from collapsing.
The face and body are beginning to look more and more how they will look at birth.
The brain is growing quickly at this stage.
The skin is still thin and translucent but will start to change soon.
They now have a chance of survival if they are born early.

The ‘Berry’ Pregnancy Diaries – week 23

Thursday 31st October – 23w 1d
Have had my first toothache of this pregnancy and been trying to kill it with paracetamol. I think I had it this bad with little man actually. I should really use my free entitlement and get to the dentist but I’m a complete wuss…

Friday 1st November – 23w 2d
The toothache has remained today, and I got ID’d for buying paracetamol! Suppose I should take that as a compliment, maybe I am finally glowing! 

Sunday 3rd November – 23w 4d
I had yet another gender dream last night. It was the same gender as in the last dream, and I also had breastfeeding success again (with the same gender, weirdly…)! So now I’ve had two dreams with one gender, and one with the other…

I’ve also stuffed myself with home baked cookies today. Baby needed them. And they had apricot in them. So they were healthy. Honest.

Tuesday 5th November – 23w 6d
Today has been one of those days where I’ve just wanted to stay in bed all day! Mainly because the weather has turned so blooming freezing, and secondly because I’m zzzzzzzz…

I also had another awful dream similar to one I had at the beginning of this pregnancy, where I was bleeding and it all ended badly. I hate those dreams so much. 

At 23 weeks, berry is the size of a large mango.
Movements can most likely be seen from the outside.
Their sense of taste is maturing, along with other senses.
The lanugo is growing darker.
The fingernails are almost fully formed.
Berry will start to gain significant weight and almost double in size.
The ears are starting to develop as the three main bones are hardening; they will be able to hear sounds from the outside.
The important organs, such as the pancreas, are developing quickly.
Blood vessels in the lungs are developing to prepare for breathing.

The ‘Berry’ Pregnancy Diaries – week 21

Thursday 17th October – 21w 1d
So excited we have our scan tomorrow! I still have no inkling of the gender whatsoever, but from previous scans and my bump, I would say 75% of people have commented that they think it’s a girl. I just don’t know! 

Friday 18th October – 21w 2d
Today was scan day! I wasn’t feeling as nervous as usual, only slightly, I was just excited to see our berry again. We’d already decided that we were going to have a surprise, but I knew I would still be tempted. I was able to empty my bladder a little before the scan, yet again, as I have such a weak bladder I always feel like I’m going to pee myself at any moment! Berry was being very wriggly as per usual, and all is well. When the sonographer asked if we wanted to know the sex, I immediately had to say no as if I’d had time to think about it I’m sure I would have said yes! So as it stands, we are having a yellow one! 

It’s been a kind of bittersweet day today though, as it’s also exactly one year since we found out we were expecting our little angel. 

Saturday 19th October – 21w 3d
I completely forgot that I walked into a sign yesterday, until I woke up with a sore and bruised head this morning. Baby brain at its best…

Monday 21st October – 21w 5d
Little man has started blowing raspberries on my tummy – for 5 minutes straight earlier, we were both in fits of laughter! Though I’ve been absolutely shattered today. Have felt like I could have slept alllllllll day. 

Though maybe that was because of my dream last night. I kept getting kidnapped by the Volturi, and Taylor Lautner/Jacob Black kept rescuing me in his truck, which also happened to have Free Willy on the back as he’d rescued him too. 

Tuesday 22nd October – 21w 6d
I’m hoping the dark mornings encourage little man to sleep later – I had an hour lie in this morning because it was dark so he never woke up! He was in our bed though, and he does tend to sleep for longer in there. I can only hope, I feel like I need all the sleep I can get! 

At 21 weeks, berry is the size of a carrot.
The digestive system is developed enough to start absorbing water and sugar from amniotic fluid.
The bone marrow has developed enough to contribute to blood cell formation.
Visible eyebrows, eyelashes and hair on the scalp are developing.
There is a lot of movement now and patterns may be able to be tracked.
Lanugo has started to develop.

The ‘Berry’ Pregnancy Diaries – week 19

Thursday 3rd October – 19w 1d
Been feeling a little emotional today thinking about our little bean. It was 10 months ago today when we said goodbye, and it was near the end of this month when we got our BFP. But I’m so happy they sent us a precious gift. 

Friday 4th October – 19w 2d
When I had my last scan, I was also booked in for my GTT at the same time. The week after that I received a letter with another appointment for my GTT, the day after the original. I’ve been meaning to cancel one of them ever since as I obviously don’t need 2, especially having to starve 2 days in a row! So I was glad when the midwife rang me today to cancel one, otherwise I would have still forgotten. 

Today has also been a day of no motivation or energy. 

Sunday 6th October – 19w 4d
Happy birthday to me! Hubby has been looking after me today, and he even made me my dinner this evening! 

I had another gender dream last night. Now I’m not going to reveal the gender, but I did dream that baby latched on like a pro and breastfeeding was a complete success! I do hope that part comes true. 

Monday 7th October – 19w 5d
I cried at Jeremy Kyle today. Times must be bad. 

Tuesday 8th October – 19w 6d
I think my spice taste buds have depleted since becoming pregnant again. I had my first taste of Vindaloo tonight and I didn’t think it was even that hot…

At 19 weeks, berry is the size of a mango.
Berry is now covered in vernix.
Many senses are developing, with the brain creating specialised areas for smell, taste, vision & touch.
Motor neurons are continuing to develop, allowing more controlled and conscious movement. 
Berry may be able to hear voices by now.
The hair on their scalp is also starting to sprout.
If berry is a girl, her eggs contain primitive egg cells. If berry is a boy, the prostate will begin to develop.
Berry may start sleeping this week, possibly finding a favourite position!

The ‘Berry’ Pregnancy Diaries – week 16

Wednesday 11th September – 16w
16 weeks pregnant today. By this stage when pregnant with little man I was feeling more energetic and refreshed. Not this time. But that could be something to do with now having an energetic little man to look after all day, in person! And also with his late night parties. Though I got a lie in until 8.15am this morning, but I’ve been more tired than I was with yesterday’s 6am wake up! 

Thursday 12th September – 16w 1d
I have been in an absolutely FOUL mood today. Little man is going through an awful stroppy naughty phase and I think the tiredness and telling him off is getting to me! We also managed a 3 hour nap. Told you I was tired! 

Friday 13th September – 16w 2d
Berry has been very active today. Especially tonight, they have been wriggling and kicking an awful lot! It’s obviously good to feel though, always makes me feel relieved as there is still that occasional worry.

I also unpacked all my maternity clothes from little man, the good thing is that I am pregnant at the same stage in the same seasons as I was with him. Hopefully they all still fit! 

Saturday 14th September – 16w 3d
My latest dream last night wasn’t anything too spectacular or weird, but I lived in Hong Kong, it was pretty cool! 

We’ve had a long day out today and I am shattered, more than usual! Little man slept the whole way home though so he’s wide awake, I think I will be in bed before him at this rate! 

Tuesday 17th September – 16w 6d
Little man & I both woke up full of cold today. We’ve had a cosy morning on the sofa, and most of the afternoon snuggled up asleep in bed! He’s gone to stay with his Grandad tonight (the first time since MiL passed away) so I am going to get a little rest tomorrow until he comes back! I love him and miss him like crazy but it’ll be good! 

At 16 weeks, berry is the size of an avocado.
Berry’s muscles are developed enough so they can hold their head erect in a straight line.
The facial muscles can display a variety of expressions.
Berry’s hands can now reach each other.
They are emptying their bladder every 40 to 45 minutes (a bit like Mummy!)
Berry is covered in lanugo.
The ears have moved from the neck to the head.
The pattern of hair on their scalp has begun to develop.
Berry’s heart is pumping around 28 litres of blood each day.
Berry’s weight will start to double over the next couple of weeks.