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Wednesday 6th November – 24w
Well today is V-Day – happy v-day to us! Makes it seem all the closer now…

I’m also at the time of year when I’m full of cold so I’ve spent the day wishing I could call in sick, no such luck though.

Friday 8th November – 24w 2d
I had a slight ‘episode’ today. I was doing just fine until I went for a shower, and whilst in there I came over all faint & dizzy. I wasn’t going to be long so just carried on, but when I got out I was shaking, felt really warm, and just cried because I felt so unwell. It went away after I had a lie down, but that’s the first time it has happened to me this pregnancy and I got quite worried. 

It’s random dream time now. I can’t remember exactly what happened (as per usual) but I remember that I was at a party with family, friends, online friends – just loooooads of people. Suddenly a tiger entered the room. At first it was friendly but then it started chasing me, so I ran out of the door, with people following me. I found a bike and jumped on it and started pedalling for my life (literally!). Luckily I got away but unfortunately it got some of the others. Weird. And random. Yeah. 

Saturday 9th November – 24w 3d
It’s that time of year again when the Christmas adverts start showing on the tv, and everybody starts raving about a certain brand’s (initials JL) advert that makes them so emotional and brings them to tears. In theory with all my hormones and being an emotional mess, I should too. But no, as when pregnant with little man, I don’t see the emotional hype. It’s a rabbit and a bear advertising that they sell alarm clocks, so?…

Monday 11th November – 24w 5d
I’ve felt so lethargic today. And sick. And with headache. I spent a lot of the day on the sofa as I just could not be bothered to move. I couldn’t find the energy to cook either so a chippy tea it was!

Tuesday 12th November – 24w 6d
I couldn’t sleep very well last night as I had what sounded like two pigs snoring beside me! So I’m a little tired today…

At 24 weeks, berry is the size of a grapefruit.
The lungs are beginning to produce surfactant, a substance that keeps the air sacs in the lungs from collapsing.
The face and body are beginning to look more and more how they will look at birth.
The brain is growing quickly at this stage.
The skin is still thin and translucent but will start to change soon.
They now have a chance of survival if they are born early.

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