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Thursday 3rd October – 19w 1d
Been feeling a little emotional today thinking about our little bean. It was 10 months ago today when we said goodbye, and it was near the end of this month when we got our BFP. But I’m so happy they sent us a precious gift. 

Friday 4th October – 19w 2d
When I had my last scan, I was also booked in for my GTT at the same time. The week after that I received a letter with another appointment for my GTT, the day after the original. I’ve been meaning to cancel one of them ever since as I obviously don’t need 2, especially having to starve 2 days in a row! So I was glad when the midwife rang me today to cancel one, otherwise I would have still forgotten. 

Today has also been a day of no motivation or energy. 

Sunday 6th October – 19w 4d
Happy birthday to me! Hubby has been looking after me today, and he even made me my dinner this evening! 

I had another gender dream last night. Now I’m not going to reveal the gender, but I did dream that baby latched on like a pro and breastfeeding was a complete success! I do hope that part comes true. 

Monday 7th October – 19w 5d
I cried at Jeremy Kyle today. Times must be bad. 

Tuesday 8th October – 19w 6d
I think my spice taste buds have depleted since becoming pregnant again. I had my first taste of Vindaloo tonight and I didn’t think it was even that hot…

At 19 weeks, berry is the size of a mango.
Berry is now covered in vernix.
Many senses are developing, with the brain creating specialised areas for smell, taste, vision & touch.
Motor neurons are continuing to develop, allowing more controlled and conscious movement. 
Berry may be able to hear voices by now.
The hair on their scalp is also starting to sprout.
If berry is a girl, her eggs contain primitive egg cells. If berry is a boy, the prostate will begin to develop.
Berry may start sleeping this week, possibly finding a favourite position!

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