Declutter Like A Pro

Over the years, having children, moving home, and countless birthdays and Christmas gifts means we start to stockpile ‘stuff.’ Most of us have much more than we will ever need, and for no other reason than it was a gifted or spontaneous purchase. Every once in a while, it is a great idea to declutter your home. 

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A good declutter is much more than a little bit of a tidy up. 

Decluttering is not just good for your environment, but it is good for your mind too. Clutter and mess have an impact on our moods

It is easy to look around and feel disheartened and overwhelmed by what is around you. And, even more so when the decluttering is rushed on by a house move, or other life events. 

Unsurprisingly, many people don’t enjoy decluttering. But, most of the time, when you get into it, it is rewarding. So here are some tips to help spark the passion for the declutter. 

Decluttering Like A Pro

When you are standing in the middle of your home, wondering where to start, you might be tempted to try and do as much as you can in each room as fast as possible. Instead, treat your home like a cake. Take it slice by slice, bite by bite, until you’re done.

Bag It Up

Designate a couple of bags for different purposes. One for donation, one for the trash heap, and one for selling. Start adding things to eBay or Facebook marketplace as you go, so you aren’t landed with an ever-increasing pile of goods. Aim to donate at least one black bag a week, until you reach the end of your decluttering. 

5 Minute Slots

The problem with decluttering is that it is time-consuming. Rather than dedicate a whole day if you don’t have time, set an egg timer, and whizz around one room. Use the time to scrub the toilet with a facemask on (multitasking), unpack the dishwasher, go through one of your drawers (or the junk drawer in the kitchen). 


Play some music while you are cleaning. It can make it go much faster, and you can dance your way through sorting your books or socks. 

Spotify cleaning playlist 

Spotify housework playlist

Apple music cleaning playlist

Say Goodbye

We often keep too much stuff in the home because it makes us feel safe, we earned it, and it is a way to feather our nests. So one of the hardest things to do is actually say goodbye. So make an investment in your decluttering process and get a skip, use something like this site to get something that suits your needs. 


Make it a challenge and find 12 things not in the right place in the house, 12 things that you want to donate this week, and 12 things that you no longer love or use. It doesn’t have to be 12, it can be any number but make the number the same for each task. 

It doesn’t matter which option you choose for decluttering, you are bound to find an option that works for you. So kick the overwhelm to the curb, and declutter like you’re eating cake – little by little until you’ve had your fill. 

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