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Remodelling a kitchen can be expensive and it can cause a lot of disruption to your life. However, it could have lots of benefits in the long run. Here are 5 signs that it’s time to remodel your kitchen. 

The layout is awkward

There are all kinds of things that can lead to an awkward kitchen layout. There could be obstacles like pillars or doors that get in the way of appliances. Certain appliances could be too close to each other or too far away. 

Whatever the case, you needn’t have to endure such layout issues. Remodelling your kitchen could be a chance to reconfigure the layout so that it’s more practical.

Fixtures are getting old and worn

Are your countertops all scratched and stained? Are your appliances starting to encounter issues? Is your kitchen flooring all damaged? This could be another sign you’re ready for a remodel.

All those old fixtures could be making your kitchen look dated – possibly devaluing your home. Appliances over a certain age could meanwhile be on their way out (costly repairs could be around the corner) plus they could be guzzling energy. Hire some skips from Sheridan Skips and consider gutting out your old kitchen. A new kitchen could be just what is needed to add value to your home, improve efficiency and reduce your energy bills. 

There isn’t enough countertop or storage space

Not having enough countertop space can make preparing meals stressful – you could feel that there’s constantly things in the way. Not having enough storage space could meanwhile result in cluttered cabinets and the constant need to limit your food shopping.

A kitchen remodel could be a chance to add more countertop space and storage space. You may be able to extend your kitchen or simply rearrange it to fit more countertop/cabinets in. An interior designer will be able to help you with this. 

The décor is dull and gloomy

A kitchen should feel bright and warm. If it feels dull and gloomy, it could be because of a lack of lighting or a dark colour scheme.

Remodelling your kitchen could be a chance to brighten up this space. You could install some extra spot lights or track lighting. You may even be able to add a skylight if there’s no room above your kitchen. As for the colour scheme, consider getting rid of any dark wood tones or deep toned paint schemes, replacing these with light toned wood and bright colours. 

You can afford to remodel

A remodel is something you should only carry out if you can reasonably afford it. Most people borrow money to pay for a kitchen remodel – consider how a loan may affect your monthly payments.

It’s worth taking the time to shop around for financing options. You should also consider collecting multiple quotes from contractors – you can then work out if the lowest quote is within budget (collecting multiple quotes also allows you to negotiate with other contractors to see if they may be able to beat the lowest quote).

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