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6 Benefits of Living In The SticksImage by inkflo from Pixabay 

Living out in the sticks means that life moves a little slower, but the benefits of country living are endless for both your physical and your mental health. If you’re considering moving out into the country, but you’re not sure, then take a look at this list of 6 reasons why the country might be for you.

Cleaner Air

Living in the country means the quality of the air you breathe improves compared to living in the city. There is less pollution, more trees and grass and than the city and greater exposure to cell-improving phytochemicals that get released from plants, fungi, and microbes.

Access To Everything

Okay, maybe not everything, the local Chinese won’t be open till 3 am, and you won’t be able to get a Deliveroo or Ubers whenever you want them, however, thanks to the internet, you don’t miss much. You may not be near an IKEA, but there is plenty of decor available online, you can do your grocery shopping online too, and with a little bit of planning you’ll never be stuck for anything. 

Less Crime

Despite what you might see on crime dramas, people who live in the sticks are less likely to be the victims of a wide range of crimes compared to those who are living in the city. There are fewer people in the country, so there is less opportunity for crime to occur, and there is also a higher percentage of police officers per capita. While crime can happen anywhere, and the country isn’t guaranteed to be completely safe, it is somewhere where you might feel more comfortable letting your kids ride their bikes to school or leaving your windows open.

Better Psychological Health

There is a lower risk of anxiety disorders and mood disorders if you live in the country, and research shows that city living increases schizophrenia risk, likely due to unknown environmental factors that impact developing brains. Mood disorders or mental illnesses don’t completely disappear just because you live in the country, and living in the country doesn’t mean you’re never going to feel stress, but you will avoid some of the increased risks that are associated with these problems. 

It’s Cheaper

Cities are well known to be expensive to live in but of course, what you pay to live somewhere – and what you get for that money – is going to differ depending on exactly where you are, but if you want somewhere where you can spend less and get more, then the country is the place to start looking. 

Exposure To Nature

While you don’t have to go out into the country to find some sunshine and trees, you’ll definitely find more of it than you will in a city. Did you know that spending more time in a natural environment helps to improve your short term memory, it can lower your blood pressure and might even make you more creative. Of course, more exposure to nature can mean more animals are around, but you can practice humane pest control and take measures to remove food, easy home access and other factors that could draw animals to your home.

There are benefits to living out in the country that you won’t find anywhere else, and while of course, it has its downsides, it really depends on how you live your life and what’s right for you. 

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  1. Cleaner Air and beautiful Green Nature… we all from cities, though I try to visit grandpa farm in vacation.. that is the best time of the year for me… 🙂

  2. Hi Stacey
    A lovely read.
    Cleaner air and exposure to nature definitely has great benifits!
    Mel x

  3. Stacey,
    I like that you pointed out that having access to the internet sort of means access to everything 🙂 Around Britain, even in rural areas, is there almost always access to wired high-speed internet?

    When looking at rural areas here in the US, one thing we’ve found is that we really have to be careful about having high-speed internet access. Many places out in the boonies still rely on satellite dish internet or a cell signal.

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