Singapore Travel Tips – Sentosa Island Tour with Cable Car Ride

Singapore travel tips

If you are planning to visit Singapore and specifically Sentosa Island, you need to make a plan to go around the island with as little stress as possible. The cable car is the perfect solution for this tour. It is convenient and provides a great panoramic view of the entire island as you ride from the aerial point. The good thing is that the cable car has an enticing itinerary that you will enjoy. Read on to learn more about getting a tour on this cable car.

Cable Car Tour

The journey starts at Mt. Faber where you will board the cable car and start the panoramic view of the busy and colorful harbor. The ride between one point to the next stop usually takes 20 minutes to one hour depending on where you would like to stop.

From here, you can choose to stop at S.E.A. Aquarium to enjoy this attraction. A 30-minute ride will allow you to dive into the underwater marine park that has incredible views of a variety of marine animals. Both kids and adults have always enjoyed the aquarium because it gives you a memorable time.

Another spectacular stop-over you can make is at the Wings of Time. It is a ride over open sea that is better enjoyed during the night rather than the day. If you want to make your cable car tour a romantic occasion, this is the option to choose. For the many couples who seek a visa to visit Singapore, this is one of the top destinations to visit.

The last cable car tour you can do is through the Images of Singapore Live. For those who love history, this gives an opportunity to understand the entire Island of Singapore through live performance and thrilling effects.

Singapore Travel Tips

Reasons to Choose a Cable Car to Sentosa Island

  • It is very convenient – The aerial tour has no traffic inconveniences and you will get to enjoy your tour within the said time. Again, the cable cars are highly serviced, which ensures a smooth ride at all times. They have been trusted to deliver an excellent tour experience without cases of fatal accidents.
  • Panoramic view – The main purpose of taking a cable car tour is to enjoy the aerial view of Sentosa Island and Singapore at large. The cable car gives the passengers a breathtaking and thrilling ride where you are suspended in the air in a glass cage. Thus, you get to enjoy a vast view of the entire areas from any angle that you wish.
  • Professional guide – There is an option of getting a professional guide, especially if you are touring the island for the first time. They are friendly and detailed when taking you through the most important features of the tour. They also answer all of the questions that you ask them in relation to Singapore.


As you can see, reading this guide on the Singapore cable car guide makes you more curious. If you have not yet tried this tour, it is time you add it to your Singapore tour program. For those with kids, it will be even more fun.

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  1. Once on Sentosa Island, all public transport is free of charge. Several bus routes link all the major attractions, with bus routes colour coded to make it easier. Beach trams run along the length of the Sentosa beaches, with several stops along the way. And that concludes Sentosa Island guide. You can see why it has the reputation as one of the most fun places for kids in Singapore!

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