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Amazona review

Whenever we go on holiday, I always make sure we have a visit to somewhere that includes animals. When we went to Norfolk back in August I wanted to go somewhere we hadn’t been before, and we were given the chance to visit Amazona Zoo. The boys have never actually visited a zoo before, other than Jacob when he was six months old so doesn’t really remember. Therefore I thought this would be a lovely day out for them.

Amazona Zoo in Cromer, Norfolk, is one of the county’s most unique and fun days out where families can discover South American wildlife. The zoo is home to over 200 tropical animals including jaguars, monkeys, snakes, flamingos and tapirs.

It is committed to helping visitors discover nature and provide education on conservation issues.

Amazona Zoo plays host to a whole load of animals, including a feline forest with puma and jaguar, a tropical house with a snake and iguanas, plus a variety of birds including flamingos and parrots. The outdoor and indoor play areas were also an attractive feature for me, as the boys need to let off some steam every so often. Though it’s not always easy to get them away from such areas!

My thoughts

We arrived at Amazona around 11am, an hour after opening. The zoo was quite busy at that time but it didn’t feel crowded as there was all sorts to see from the moment we arrived. We were provided with a map of the park so we could plan our route; making sure we saw some animals first before heading to the outdoor play area. This also had a picnic area so we could eat our lunch whilst the boys had a play.

Outdoor play, play area, outdoor, outdoor play at Amazona

After lunch we continued on to see the rest of the animals. Me being me, found it quite amusing that one of the spider monkeys was taking great pleasure in, well, pleasuring himself! So I can say, the animals certainly looked happy and some of them, including the tapir, seemed to be just enjoying basking in the sun.

Tapir, tapir at Amazona

Though the animals seemed happy enough, we thought some of the enclosures could do with a little improvement. The balcony over the tapir enclosure looked like it had seen better days; the paint was peeling on the railings and the floor was a bit wonky and wobbly. But, everyone seemed happy enough to be there. There was a lot of signage with information about the animals, so it was a learning experience too. I always stop and have a read as I like to know the history and facts about them.

Signage, signage at Amazona, birds, birds at Amazona

Before we left we paid a visit to Jungle Tumbles, the indoor soft play, so the boys could burn some more energy. (Where do they get it from?!). Meanwhile, us adults enjoyed a well earned sit down! The soft play area itself was bigger than I expected; I think we must have spent the best part of an hour in there before leaving. The boys were having too much fun!

Jungle Tumbles, indoor play area, soft play, Jungle Tumbles at Amazona

There was a basic hot drink machine in Jungle Tumbles but we got a latte from the Jungle Cafe opposite instead. We didn’t actually eat in the cafe, but it smelled good and the prices seemed reasonable too.

Jungle Cafe, Jungle Cafe at Amazona, cafe at Amazona

All in all, we really enjoyed ourselves. Amazona itself is not far from Cromer beach so I would recommend a visit if you are in the area!

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RRP – £8.50 per child (4-16), £11.50 per adult

Our rating – 4/5

I was given complimentary entry for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are honest & my own.

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