My festival bucket list

Festival bucket list

When it comes to the summer season, there are so many festivals happening. Music festivals, food festivals, art festivals; or festivals that have everything going on! Often these are really family or children focused and can last for a whole weekend.

As a family we’ve only actually attended one festival, which was a local food festival at a country park. A food festival is my idea of heaven, especially when there are dozens of samples waiting to be tasted! As you may have seen, I love discovering new brands and trying new foods. I could manage to spend a whole load of money on produce too, to feast on at home.

I would love to attend more festivals as a family but there is always something that seems to get in the way. Travelodge have produced a quiz that will tell you your family’s very own festival personality. From there you can read Travelodge’s guide to the top festivals for 2017, and choose one to suit! Unsurprisingly, the quiz told me that we are a family of foodies.

My festival bucket list

I’ve put together my bucket list of festivals that I would love to attend as a family in the future – maybe one day!

Cheese Fest

Cheese. What can I say about cheese? Other than as a family, we love the stuff. We go through so much of it, especially the boys; I think they get most of their calcium from cheese! What better place to eat a whole variety  of cheese, than at a cheese festival? This one is a travelling festival too, so it takes place in different cities around the UK including Aberdeen, Cardiff, and Brighton.

Cheese - Birds and Lilies imageImage credit to Birds and Lilies

Camp Bestival

I’ve seen quite a few bloggers attend Camp Bestival over the years and it looks so much fun! Taking place over four days with so much to do for everyone. From live music, to food, to comedy, to learning circus skills for the children, I don’t think it would be possible to become bored for even a second.

Camp Bestival - Globalmouse imageImage credit to Globalmouse Travels

The Big Feastival

This is a food festival I have wanted to attend ever since I heard about it a few years ago. Just the name of it with ‘feast’ in it has me salivating… Anyway; with cooking classes, a food and drink market, and again live music, this sounds perfect for us. Though I think my purse would be as a light as a feather by the end with my non-stop eating five year old!

The Big Feastival - Mammasaurus imageImage credit to Mammasaurus

Have you been to any festivals? If not, what’s on your bucket list?

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