Toddlepak Backpack review

Summer; the time for lots of family trips with the kids, and making sure your bag is well stocked to keep everyone going throughout the day. Of course, the boys always want to take their own bags for their drinks and any toys that may just fancy a trip too… Also, the time for getting ready to go back to school. Uniforms, shoes, and of course a backpack for their bits & bobs. Come September, Noah will be going to preschool for fifteen hours; including a full day on a Friday so he’ll need to be well stocked then with a change of clothes or two (got to love toilet training!), and a packed lunch. Fortunately we are already sorted for both of the above with Noah, as the lovely people at Trunki sent him one of their brand new Trunki Toddlepak Backpacks to try out!

Brand new from the creators of Trunki, this super cute ToddlePak backpack range is designed for making trips to pre-school or nursery, safe and fun for little tots! … With a spacious 4 litre capacity and easy to reach front face pouch, each ToddlePak backpack comes with, an easy to grab handle, padded adjustable shoulder straps and chest strap, smiley hi-visibility nose, reflective piping around the paws, wrap around arms, so that their favourite teddy can hitch a ride, little ears, and a little tail.

Trunki Toddlepak – Our thoughts

There are five super cute designs of the Trunki Toddlepak; Betsy (pink), Bert (blue), Dudley the dinosaur (green), Leeroy the lion (yellow), or Tipu the tiger (orange).


I let Noah choose his own design for this review; immediately he went for Dudley the dinosaur (that would have been my choice too!). Safety is the main aspect of the Toddlepak, with each design featuring a hi-visibility reflective nose and piping. We haven’t actually tried this out in the dark yet but it is very shiny in the light, so it certainly looks like it will be super safe for autumn and winter. One of my favourite features is the hugging arms; very useful for baby Bruno to hitch a ride at Truckfest!

Toddlepak Backpack hugging arms

The Toddlepak is also great for trips to the beach…

Toddlepak backpack - at the beach

…and stroking iguanas!

Toddlepak Backpack - stroking iguanas

The chest strap of the Toddlepak ensures that the backpack stays safely on Noah’s shoulders; he finds it easy to fasten and unfasten himself too. The Trunki grip™ also enables him to hang his sunglasses so he doesn’t lose them.

Trunki grip

Other features of the Toddlepak include a face pouch on the front, to store those essentials like baby wipes or snacks; a large carry handle for when N decides he wants an adult to carry it (though, not very often!); a side mesh pocket for a drinks bottle; and a very spacious main pocket. We can easily fit 3 or 4 nappies, a pack of baby wipes, a change of clothes, and a couple of snacks or toys. Also, how can I forget the ears and tail?! Trunki have really gone to town on the design, which I think is brilliant. I’d certainly be happy to purchase another one of these for Jacob, I think it’s really great value for money.

Toddlepak tail

RRP – £19.99
Age – 2+
Our rating – 5/5

We were sent this product free of charge to review. All thoughts and opinions are honest & our own.


I’m super pleased to be able to offer one lucky reader the chance to get their hands on their very own Toddlepak! Just enter via the Rafflecopter below, and good luck!

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  1. The blue one would be perfect!

  2. maybe blue one

  3. Toddlepak Backpack – Betsy

  4. The Tiger please

  5. I like Tipu the tiger.

  6. I’d like the Tiger, please

  7. The tiger one! Great 🙂

  8. Blue or pink depending who I would give it to.

  9. Margaret gallagher

    Tiger roaresome fun

  10. The tiger one

  11. I would choose the tiger.

  12. Dudley the dinosaur – his teeth are so sweet!

  13. The tiger one

  14. We love the orange tiger, but they are all great, thanks …

  15. The Tiger one would be our choice

  16. I love Leeroy the Lion

  17. Definitely Dudley the dinosaur (green) for my little boy 🙂

  18. We love Dudley the dinosaur

  19. I like Betsy and Bert

  20. The tiger

  21. I would choose Betsy the Bear, she’s completely adorable¬

  22. The Pink Teddy

  23. We would love to choose dino for our nephew.

  24. I will choose the Pink Toddlepak Betsy. Wonderful prize.

  25. LOVE the look of the Tiger

  26. The blue one (Bert)

  27. My daughter Poppy would love Betsy

  28. Toddlepak Backpack – Bert is cute!

  29. I like the bright and cheerful Yellow Lion…and he might just give my little lad some extra courage at school. x

  30. Love Tipu the Tiger

  31. Dudley the dinosaur (green)

  32. The blue one for my boy!

  33. The pink teddy

  34. i love the dino one 🙂

  35. Tipu Tiger is so cute! Fingers crossed!

  36. i think my daughter would pick Betsy 🙂

  37. I’d probably go for the Leeroy the Lion backpack.

  38. The tiger

  39. Pink please for my little niece, Jessica x

  40. if l were lucky enough to win l’d like the dark pink one please and thank you

  41. I like the tiger

  42. Dudley the dinosaur – love green

  43. the blue one

  44. I’d choose the pink one

  45. The yellow lion for my daughter!

  46. The yellow lion would be my choice if I won.

  47. We would be thrilled with either Leeroy or Tipu. Thanks.

  48. Leeroy the lion!

  49. Katerina Economides

    I love the blue one. x

  50. the blue one

  51. I’d love the orange Tipu the tiger for my daughter.

  52. I would choose the little Tiger 🙂 Very cute!

  53. Tiger please

  54. The tiger one x

  55. Tipu the tiger (orange)

  56. I would choose Bert the blue one – he is lovely!

  57. Leeroy the lion is lovely, my little girl would probably pick that one

  58. The Tiger please

  59. My favourite one is Leeroy the lion please x

  60. Dudley The Dinosaur please

  61. I love Tipu the tiger.

  62. I would love the Toddlepak Backpack – Betsy
    For my Niece 🙂

  63. Tiger 🙂

  64. Fun The Shark

  65. The Pink Bear – for my niece

  66. The dinosaur one please!

  67. I love the Tiger!

  68. The tiger one please

  69. Betsy the pink one

  70. The Pink betsy one please

  71. I think i would have to pick Betsy although they are all lovely.

  72. I would choose the green dinosaur for my son

  73. The tiger

  74. Leeroy the lion

  75. My daughter would love the pink one.

  76. Betsy (pink) 🙂

  77. My daughter would love Betsey!

  78. My daughter loves dinosaurs, so Dudley the dinosaur it is.

  79. My daughter would love the Tiger one, thank you

  80. Definitely the tiger!

  81. I would pick Dudley the dinosaur, as I no my little boy would love it!

  82. My daughter is starting nursery and would love any of these gorgeous backpacks but loves the bears and she loves going on a bear hunt

  83. The green would be perfect!

  84. My son would love the dinosaur

  85. Tipu the tiger (orange)

  86. I’d choose Tipu the Tiger 🙂

  87. my godson would love the dinosaur one x

  88. I would choose Betsy for our daughter

  89. Leeroy the Lion – he’s gorgeous!

  90. Leeroy the Lion is super cute

  91. I think Bert is lovely.

  92. The green dino one for grandson

  93. The green dino is the best 🙂 x

  94. my granddaughter would love the tiger back pack

  95. My little girl would absolutely love Betsy the pink one xx

  96. The green dinosaur would be my choice

  97. tipu the tiger

  98. Bert (Blue Trunki Toddlepak Backpack), looks like a Bear.

  99. I’d love the Tiger one, please.

  100. We love Dudley the dinosaur

  101. Tipu the tiger

  102. I would choose the Lion, Its so cute!!! xxx

  103. The tiger one pls xxxxx

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