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Green with envy when you see other people’s dining rooms? Well, you needn’t be because you too can have a stylish space for family dinners and entertaining. In fact, one of the biggest trends in dining rooms right now is to use green as an accent colour. A subject you can find out more about in the post below. 

Console table with plantPexels – Licence CC0

The neutral basics

First off, before you rush out and buy a lime green dining table, that is not what we are recommending here. In fact, this approach is more about using green tones to enhance your space rather than dominate it. To that end, the basics in the room should be as neutral as possible. We’re talking white walls, wooden floors, and white or wooden tables and chairs. In fact, if you choose darker wood like walnut, you can get a more muted, sophisticated vibe. Whereas lighter woods such as ash or oak can help make a dull space look brighter and more modern. 

The walls

Once you have the necessary foundations of your dining room laid down, it’s time to add a little green into the mix. The most obvious way to do this is to include a feature wall in a green shade. That is, you paint or wallpaper a single wall to provide interest, but keep a better balance in the overall scheme of the room. If you are thinking of painting a wall, be sure to go for a deep vibrant jade colour. Then accessorise with baroque style gold frames for a truly sumptuous look. However, if the wallpaper is more your bag, then why not go for an iconic retro pattern like 70’s fern leaves in a variety of greens? Something that can help create an updated look in your home.


You may think that we have dealt with flooring in the section above, but we’re not quite finished yet. In fact, green rugs are an excellent way to accent your dining room. Although you do need to make sure that you get the ‘positioning just right.’ That is, you need to make sure that your dining table and chairs are centred on your rug correctly for the right look. Something you can read about in the post here.


Finally, what is better to complete the look of your room than nature’s greenery, plants? In fact, the use of house plants in interior decor is a massive trend right now and can help to not only make your living space more pleasant but also help to keep it bang up to date as well. Especially if you combine them with wicker and bamboo pots for a boho 70s feel. 

Cactus plant in dining roomPexels – Licence CC0 

With that in mind, consider installing some larger house plants such as Monstera and Chamaedorea Elegans. Especially in the corners of the room. Although they can look good placed adjacent to a window as well. Additionally, adding smaller varies like Peperomia Prostrata with trailing leaves can give you a gorgeous green boho vibe in your dining room too! 

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