How to Create A Sleek, Modern Bathroom Design

How to Create A Sleek, Modern Bathroom Design

If you are planning to carry out work on your bathroom and want to give its tired look a modern and sleek design, you may not know where to begin.

Modern bathrooms consist of a minimalist approach to the styling with contemporary fittings and fixtures. A bathroom with clearly defined lines and fresh design will sit well if the rest of your home has a modern look and feel.

One of the biggest advantages of planning a bathroom of this style is that there is the widest range and variety of products available for this more than any others. There is also the fact that different modern fixtures and fittings will pair better together than trying to mix and match more traditional fittings.

If you are looking to create a modern and slick bathroom, where do you start?

Invest in a Shower Enclosure or Wet Room

One of the best ways to make a functional, stylish and ultimately modern bathroom, is by fitting either a frameless shower enclosure or wet room, such as these from Serene Bathrooms.

These are perfect because the minimalist look and sheet glass transform the shower area of your bathroom into a focal point. If your bathroom is not particularly big or it is an en-suite, shower enclosures are a great way to make better use of limited space.

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To help keep the wet room shower separate from the rest of your bathroom though, you should install a wet room shower screen. This will compartmentalise your bathroom somewhat without losing the aesthetic value of the wet room.

Another huge benefit of this option is the fact that there is a variety of different shapes and sizes available, at a wide array of price points. So, even if you have a tight budget or an oddly shaped bathroom, you will be able to still find a great looking, modern shower enclosure or wet room.

Freestanding Baths

A quick way to give your bathroom a very elegant and modern look, particularly if you are looking to purchase all pieces of furniture separately, is choosing a freestanding bath. Roll top baths are particularly eye-catching and make every time you bathe an exquisite and luxurious experience.

Two of the most popular styles of freestanding baths are undoubtedly the angular and circular shaped ones, but don’t worry if these don’t take your fancy as there are plenty of other sizes and shapes to choose from.

To help you better choose the freestanding bath that is best for your planned bathroom, you need to look at the other furniture you are interested in too. This, along with the available space you have in your bathroom will enable you to make the best decision possible.

Freestanding bath

Choose Suitable Furniture for Your Bathroom

To achieve a slick and modern look in your bathroom, you need the right furniture. Some of the most commonly used for this design include fitted furniture units, wall-hung furniture and high-gloss cabinets. Thanks to their very minimalist and clean design, wall-hung fixtures are perfect.

Another option when it comes to furniture is combination-vanity units. These are space-saving and very compact. Furthermore, as they are available in a wide array of finishes and colours, including wood and high-gloss; you will not struggle to find something that goes well with your own desired

Consider Bathroom Suites

There is an alternative to the wet room and shower enclosure suggestion made further up the page, if you are looking for a quicker and easier way to achieve a modern looking bathroom. You could invest in a full bathroom suite in modern styling.

Normally, bathroom suites consist of a bath, basin and toilet and as they are all from the same range, they will all complement each other wonderfully.

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If you are interested in saving some space and like a shower regularly or even just on the odd occasion, you could choose a bath shower combination.


The tiling you choose for your modern bathroom is crucial as the tiles will cover a large percentage of the walls and even ceiling. So, it is vital that you spend some time choosing the best design. This doesn’t mean you can’t use that as an opportunity to add your own personal flair to the room.

Some of the best loved tile designs for modern bathrooms include the likes of hexagon tiles and other geometric shapes and the classic metro tile design.

Another great option for your bathroom tiling is to choose a plain one-colour tile and have that on the walls with a tile with an intricate pattern on the flooring. This is a relatively simple way to achieve a very vibrant and stunning look in your bathroom.


Modern Bathroom Heating Options

Nowadays, bathroom heating options are not solely about making sure those peaceful places for escape in our homes. They can contribute in amazing ways to how your bathroom looks and feels.

Rather than opting for the age-old solution to keeping your bathroom toasty of those chunky and awkward radiators, why not choose a designer radiator or highly functional and versatile heated ladder towel rail.

These are so perfect for a modern bathroom because they are available in styles that complement other fixtures, fittings and furniture you may have, they don’t take up a lot of floor space and are incredibly space and cost effective.

So, if you are looking to switch things up in your bathroom and give it a more modern and slicker look, it doesn’t have to be a trauma or stressful.

With the tips we have listed above and by choosing suitable options when it comes to taps, shower heads and other fixings; you can have a modern bathroom that will make the end of the day or those relaxing Saturday bath days even more appealing.

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3 thoughts on “How to Create A Sleek, Modern Bathroom Design

  1. I’d have never thought to mix and match tile patterns like that but it looks absolutely fantastic and because the rest of the room is white it works so well.

  2. I find it cool when you suggested that a person can invest in adding sheet glass as an enclosure for a shower area in order to make it a focal point. When you said that, it convinced me to look for a local contractor to have this installed for my mother’s home. Doing this will also help her have an easier time taking a bath as well while making her home look better too.

  3. My cousin is really bad at design but he really likes all of the modern looks and he would really like to get some things that would make his bathroom look more futuristic. Getting a frameless shower screen from a professional could really help it look sleeker. I’ll be sure t tell him about how he should focus on minimal and clean deigns like wall-hung furniture.

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