Five Kinds of Wood for Your Hardwood Floor

So, you have decided to install a hardwood floor in your house.  Your first step will be choosing between solid hardwood flooring, which is just what it sounds like, or engineered hardwood flooring, which involves layers of compressed wood, resin, and other substances topped by a thin layer of hardwood.  Engineered hardwood flooring is slightly cheaper and easier to install, but solid hardwood flooring can be refinished many times and can keep your home looking elegant for decades to come.  Both types of flooring have other advantages and drawbacks, too, so make sure to do your homework.  And make sure to consult with a specialist like Roger Hyde Limited, the Dinesen flooring specialists, to help you plan for things like transportation and delivery of very long boards, threshold perimeter details, and subfloor build-up.  
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How To Make Your Small Room Look Bigger

Limited space always seems a problem when decorating a small room. Yet there are several reasons why small is better. Small rooms are easier to clean, organize and decorate. However, your family room, living room, or sitting room won’t be very appealing to spend time in if it feels cluttered and cramped for space. But what if you could trick your eye into thinking it’s bigger than it is? Magic? Certainly not! All you need is to be clever with your layout, furniture size and overall use of space. Here are some practical ways to make your small room look bigger than it actually is.  Read more

Home Design Tips for 2021

white kitchen; Home Design Tips for 2021Photo by Dmitry Zvolskiy from Pexels

Your home is constantly changing to keep up with interior design trends that shift from year to year and the changes your family undergoes. The changes you make to your home can have a huge impact on your family and how comfortable they feel when they are home. Whether you are moving into a new home that needs a complete overhaul or if you are just making some small changes to your current design, here are some home design tips from kitchen design to bedroom ambiance to keep in mind. Read more

Interior Design Trends You’re Likely To See In 2022 (If Not Sooner)

If there is one sentence that describes interior design trends over the last ten years, it’s “anything goes.” Homeowners have been able to take liberties like never before. And many of them are thoroughly enjoying the process. 

But when it comes to design over the coming decade, things are going to change. Provided the economy continues ticking over, individuality is going to become increasingly important. 

So what trends are we likely to see in 2022 in our new, post-pandemic world? Read more