The Anatomy Of A Bespoke Interior

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Ideally, interiors should reflect your unique personality, circumstances and living situation. But, unfortunately, that’s rarely the case. Many of us live in generic homes that could belong to anyone. 

The problem here is that too many of us take cues from interior design marketing materials. We see a major retailer selling a specific type of interior and we believe that’s how ours should look as well. 

It’s worth remembering, though, that these commercially-designed interiors are for the average person. They’re designed to appeal to families sitting right in the middle of the bell curve. They have virtually nothing to do with your style and what you want. 

That’s why we’re seeing an explosion of interest in bespoke interior design. The idea is to customise your interiors so that they reflect your living circumstances and design preferences, and not anyone else’s. 

Of course, you pay a little extra for the privilege, but not as much as you might imagine. In fact, bespoke interiors are generally far less costly than many people think. 

In this post, we take a look at the anatomy of a bespoke interior. We look at some of the elements that most custom-made designs include. Check them out below. 

Murals And Wall Art

The first thing you’ll notice about high-end bespoke interiors is their use of murals and wall art. They’re everywhere. 

The reason is simple: creating a beautiful mural or piece of wall art is a time-consuming process. What’s more, it’s not like you can just remove it. It’s an integral part of the decor, unlike hanging wall art. 

People often commission artisans to create murals for them. Many charge thousands of pounds. However, if your budget is a little less than that, you can use templates. Here, you just stick a template on your wall following the instructions and then spray paint it. Often, you have multiple templates and spray paint colours that you apply or remove one by one to build up the image. 

Fitted Wardrobes

Custom made wardrobes are the quintessential bespoke interior design feature. You find them in all the most lavish and practical bedrooms. 

It’s worth pointing out, though, that fitted wardrobes are considerably more affordable than many of the other items on this list. That’s because the process of cutting your units to size is much more efficient than it ever was in the past. You still get the same quality, just at a lower price. 

Fitted wardrobes also allow you to make use of all the nooks and crannies in your bedroom. You can take advantage of irregular spaces, such as alcoves with low ceilings.

They’re also space-saving, unlike regular wardrobes and chests of drawers which require their own space to function properly. Things like sliding doors can help you make the most of your current square footage. 

Cantilever Staircases

If you look at images of hallways in all of the most opulent interiors, you’ll notice that they never have generic staircases. They always push the boat out in some way. 

This is particularly true of properties that have cantilever staircases. Instead of being supported from beneath, these are built into the wall at the side, creating a stunning visual effect. They look like Jenga pieces levitating in mid-air. 

Cantilever staircases are popular among bespoke interior designers because of the extra space they afford. Many people like to place reading nooks or sculptures underneath these staircases to take advantage of all the additional room. 

Sculptures Are A Major Part Of The Design

Speaking of which, you’ll notice that bespoke interiors often make heavy use of sculptures, either traditional or modern. 

Sculptures are a way of stamping uniqueness on a room. When you commission an artist to create a sculpture for you, you know that it is likely the only example in the country. This way, you can instantly make your interior bespoke, without having to do any decor. 

Antiques Get Heavy Use

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The wonderful thing about antiques is just how varied they are. In the past, there weren’t giant factories churning out cheap pieces of disposable furniture. Instead, when craftsmen made tables, chairs and sideboards in the past, they put real love into them. 

You can see this when you handle antique furniture. There are often artistic flourishes, and no two designs are ever quite the same. Artisans were more interested in creating beautiful objects than making money, so they dedicated tremendous passion to their craft.

Of course, you don’t have to use antiques in your home to make it bespoke, but it does help. When you add an old ottoman or chest of drawers, it immediately adds character to the room. It feels like you are doing something tremendously important. 

Bespoke Rugs

When decorating a living room, guest room or master bedroom, rugs are an essential element. You see them in virtually every high-quality interior design, thanks to the cosiness that they offer, and the soft feeling underfoot. 

You don’t have to buy generic rugs, though. In fact, these days, you can commission artisans to create them for you according to your specification. The more you pay, the more intricate the design that you will eventually get. 

Bespoke rugs instantly add character to your property. They work best when paired with hard flooring, such as tiles and wood. 

Hand-Picked Materials

kitchen area with a large white kitchen island in the middle, with grey seating along one side of it and lights above itUnsplash – CC0 License

Lastly, you’ll notice that a lot of bespoke interiors make use of hand-picked materials. Designers use these to add texture and variety to rooms. 

For instance, many high-end bespoke interiors have metallic and glass elements. They might, for example, have gold-plated bowls hanging from the walls, or tempered glass for coffee table tops. 

In some cases, they may also make use of crystal because of the way that it refracts light. Crystal is a tool that helps to relax the mind and creates a sense of opulence in your rooms. 

Wrapping Up

The bottom line is this: if you want to live in unique spaces, bespoke interiors are a must. They allow you to create your rooms precisely how you want them, without any compromises. 

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