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Your home is your haven, so over time you might find the decor gets a bit monotonous and you need to freshen things up a bit as it’s been a while. It can be easy to achieve if you have a little think about what you want to do and start with one room at a time. Here are some top tips on how to achieve this with ease. 

Decide on a Colour Scheme

Most of the time it is likely to be the colour scheme that needs changing first, as this can instantly make a difference to the room, particularly if you want to make the room feel bigger. Think about what colours you want to go for and buy some paint samples to try out on one section of the wall. This will help you to pinpoint which shade you like before you attempt to paint the entire room and discover it is not what you expected it to look like. 

Move Large Furniture Out of The Way

Furniture like your sofa, chest of cabinets, bed or wardrobe take up space when you want to redecorate the room. So in order to protect them from any paint spillages or damage it’s best to buy some bubble wrap and paper from the self storage shop. At least this way you can then move them into the centre of the room as you paint without worrying that you might damage your furniture. 

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Add Vibrant Accessories

When you opt for a more neutral colour scheme on the walls, you want some nice bright colours to contrast this. Choosing some nice, colourful cushions or a soft throw to go on your sofa is a great way to inject some colour into the room without it being too permanent. You can then choose to have different colour schemes when you want by replacing the cushions each year, if you get fed up with them and rotate it round to create a different look. 

Personalise It

Try and add some personal items in the room so that it feels more like your home as opposed to a show room in a magazine. You could put together a collage of photos and then place them in a large frame to hang on the wall, create a piece of wall art, or upcycle a piece of furniture to create a focal point in the room. This will add a personalised touch and make it feel more like your home. 

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Enjoy Being Creative

It’s fun being able to think of different colour schemes or looks for your home, so instead of seeing it as a chore try to enjoy the process instead. After all it is your home and you want it to look and feel homely.

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