Visions of a loft library

Visions of a loft library

Since we moved into our forever home a couple of years ago, we have constantly been doing something to at least one of the rooms in our house. We have just had our dining room ceiling replastered after it fell to earth around the same time we moved in! One “room” we haven’t actually accessed yet, is the loft. It’s a right pain to get into with our super high ceilings, and being accessed from the bathroom it’s not ideal. If we ever had the pennies to renovate it though, I know exactly what we I would do with it – turn it into my very own loft library!

I have this vivid image in my head of what it would be like, and I would absolutely love to bring it to life. Most people who know me, know just how much I love books so this would be an absolute dream. I fear that it will be staying a dream though. Nonetheless, I thought I’d share my plans with you! You know, just incase anyone else is thinking of renovating a room into a library…

Book shelves

The most important part of a library of course – book shelves and cases! There are so many cool ideas on Pinterest for book cases, that I would most likely want to fit them all in there somewhere. One of my absolute favourite ideas though, is the natural looking one.

log book case, bookcase, book shelvesPin credit


Nobody wants a dark, gloomy library do they? I’d need lots of light to spend my days (if I had any spare time) reading, and for that I would need windows from the brand Roof Windows to do just the job. A whole wall of windows would make the room so light & airy; I’d also have some blinds for when the night is drawing in.

roof window, windowImage credit

Floor Lamp

For that night time reading, I’d also be in need of a lamp to make me feel nice & cosy, curled up with a hot chocolate too. To keep in with the natural theme from the shelves, I’d go for a wooden floor lamp.

Wooden floor lamp, floor lamp, lampPhoto credit

Brick walls like in the image above would also be perfect to keep in with the natural theme. There would be no need to do a lot of hard work though if I used the brick slips from UK Feature Walls.

A chair

Of course, I would need a comfy space for reading. I’ve been lusting after these bookcase chairs for ages, but I would probably DIY it! I also absolutely adore this one I spotted on Pinterest.

chair, book chair, bookcase chairPin credit

I have so many other ideas swimming around in my head, and if I listed them all in this post it would go on forever. You can check out my ideas board over on Pinterest though – maybe it’ll give you some inspiration too!

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