Four romantic things I’d love to do in Italy

I’ve mentioned previously how The Husband & I would love to travel the world when the boys have grown up and entered the big wide world on their own. One country we are always talking about that we would love to visit is Italy. Mainly because – we had planned a trip to Lake Garda for our honeymoon, but unfortunately that fell through. We’re determined to visit Italy one day, though!

I love discovering the hidden gems in new countries, but I like to do the traditional touristy things too. The main cities I’d love to visit are Rome and Venice; I always think of Venice as the Italian city of love! Maybe we could head there for our next big wedding anniversary… Possibly leaving the laptop open on the Destination 2 website would drop a massive hint… 😉

Four romantic things I’d love to do in Italy

Gondola ride in Venice

This is actually something I’ve wanted to do for years, even before I met P! I don’t know what it is about a gondola, but it just looks really romantic. A lovely way to travel the streets of a city, whilst having your own personal guide. And you can even get singing gondoliers, can’t you?

Gondola in Venice

Eat authentic gelato

I’ve eaten gelato over here in England, but I can’t imagine it’s anywhere near the same as eating authentic Italian gelato in its home country. Especially whilst strolling the streets, holding hands, looking for hidden gems. The only thing is, I’d be there for hours trying to choose a flavour!



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Visit the Trevi Fountain 

Rome is another city on my Italy bucket list, and one of the many reasons is to visit the Trevi Fountain. The architecture is beautiful and the water just looks so pure and blue! I would love to photograph it, and be photographed with P in front of it, of course.

Trevi Fountain

Take a trip to Verona

Any bookish person couldn’t visit Italy without having a trip to the romantic Verona; of course, the location of the famous Romeo & Juliet. Coincidentally, one of the favourites I studied during my English Literature GCSE. I know it’s more of a tragic love story, but I think there would be such a romantic feeling surrounding the city.

Verona Italy

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  1. Hey Stacey, i’ve read about how you would love to travel and seen your bucket lists of places you would love to visit. I could add a few destinations. 1. Seychelles and the other is Mauritius or just and African safari. The kids would love it. I however keep following you on your blogging

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