As the main transporter (I feel like Jason Statham saying that) of the boys to and from school, during school holidays and so on, my car is the one that’s used the most. I often feel like I have a backseat driver with them telling me the speed limit – I suppose that helps with their number skills though – and on regular routes, which way to go. I often think to myself, just you wait until you’re running me around in your car when you’re older…

Casdon Sat Nav Steering Wheel

Casdon Sat Nav Steering Wheel with light on

We were recently sent the Sat Nav Steering Wheel from Casdon‘s extensive role play range and I couldn’t wait for me the boys to have a play! It didn’t even make it to the car before everybody was having a go.

What’s included and what does it do?

The steering wheel comes in three parts but is really easy to set up – the stand, the holder for the stand, and the actual steering wheel. They all just simply click together. It does require 3x AA batteries though, so just bear that in mind if buying as a gift.

It features:

  • 12 different spoken commands such as which way to turn, slow down etc.
  • realistic motoring sounds such as engine revving, braking, car horn and indicators
  • flashing lights and indicators.

What did we think?

There are four different places you are able to get directions to – home, supermarket, fuel station or doctors. Once you’ve pressed the button and pressed start the navigation voice begins. Luckily, it isn’t too annoying – because some of the commands can become repetitive if playing for quite a while!

Using Casdon Sat Nav Steering Wheel

When turning left, right, or going straight ahead, the relevant arrow lights up which is great for their stimulation – and for younger children, helping them with their directions if they don’t already know. There’s a button for slowing down and going faster. They are different colours so if a younger child can’t read them yet, then they are able to react by colour. There’s also a horn button to press if somebody gets in their way! The navigation voice reacts to the child’s response after an instruction, by telling them that they are a great driver. On the other side of that, there’s no negativity if they go wrong.

Using Casdon Sat Nav Steering Wheel

The stand is great because it means the child can hold it between their knees so it doesn’t slide about, and the steering wheel also tilts for comfort when holding it.

Using Casdon Sat Nav Steering Wheel

As well as being great for everyday role play, this would be brilliant for long car journeys – so I think I’ll be buying another so the boys have one each!

Where to buy

The Casdon Sat Nav Steering Wheel is available to buy from Amazon using the affiliate link below

We were sent this product free of charge to review. All thoughts and opinions are honest & our own.

Casdon Sat Nav Steering Wheel review


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  1. Oh I remember something like this, I used to play with.. ah, its so much fun… thanks for sharing 🙂

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