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Do you remember when you were a child, and your mum or your grandparents would plan an afternoon out, and they would take you to the tea shop? Cream teas with sweet jam and thick clotted cream were the best Sunday snack! If you were going out for a posh brunch, nothing would replace the excitement of the lovely tiered plates covered in cakes and sandwiches. But then you grew up, and suddenly you came to realise that afternoon teas suck a little.

They were fun when you were young, but nowadays they feel a little outdated. If you’re a fan of the sweet and savoury indulgence on a plate with a fresh cuppa of hot brewed tea, the last thing you might want is to feel like you’re stepping into the world of Agatha Christie. But that’s the thing about afternoon teas; they seem to belong to the past. Maybe it’s time tea shops spice up their games and bring one of the most iconic British treats into the 21st century. What do you expect from your tea shop?

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The quirky and dusty tea shop has lost its appeal

The small wooden tables, the dusty floor, the rustic feeling in the room. We’ve all been there. Does it have to feel so old and used? From a customer and tea lover’s perspective, the answer is obviously no. No, it doesn’t have to feel old-fashioned to be enjoyable. Maybe the best thing to improve afternoon tea decors is to tap into the classic. Think about Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter’s tea party. Wouldn’t you love a tea shop that has grass on the floor to take you back to your favourite book? Not real grass of course, but fake grass alternatives such as iGrass would be the perfect solution. Additionally, tea shops are typically frequented by young mums with their kids. Surely, a friendly playground could make the place family-friendly!

The 21st century tea shop needs a blog

Why couldn’t we connect to our beloved tea shop digitally? A tea shop that keeps a productive blog could help us to make peace with teas. If you were to name your favourite brew, what would you say it is? If you’re going for PG Tips, the chances are you need to boost your tea knowledge. A blog that lets you know about the different teas available and how to enhance the flavours with the right snacks could inject some style and know-how into your typical afternoon tea treat.

We want inclusive dietary options

Are the options only scones and sandwiches? There is a tonne of different nutritional requirements, from gluten intolerance to egg allergy. It’s time to offer a variety of afternoon tea menus to suit all requests. A plant-based alternative could help vegan tea lovers to enjoy a delicious treat without feeling guilty. If you’re on a keto diet, you are probably looking for high-fat and high-protein recipes; what’s stopping a tea shop from creating delicious fat bombs for their customers? In short, it’s time to explore all the possible food options.


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In conclusion, tea shops have still a lot of potential as long as they decide to listen to us, their customers, and modernise their facilities. Making them family-friendly and dietary inclusive could transform the way we perceive them.

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