Web Trends For 2020/21

The growing need for different requirements for websites has had a monumental year due to changes in how we have to operate since the advent of Covid-19.

More and more companies that were already established yet not utilising an online presence, as well as fresh start up businesses just getting their foot out of the front door, had to instantly adopt the internet as their savior. As requirement grew, so did emerging trends for people to better handle the way they do business.

Here are some of the hottest trends in web design for the next year. Read more

Let’s Talk About The Afternoon Tea

Do you remember when you were a child, and your mum or your grandparents would plan an afternoon out, and they would take you to the tea shop? Cream teas with sweet jam and thick clotted cream were the best Sunday snack! If you were going out for a posh brunch, nothing would replace the excitement of the lovely tiered plates covered in cakes and sandwiches. But then you grew up, and suddenly you came to realise that afternoon teas suck a little. Read more