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Elevenses in the office

Hands up if you work an office and look forward to elevenses time? The time of day when you need a break, with something tasty to eat to help you get through the rest of the day. But tasty doesn’t have to be unhealthy and you don’t need to buy from the office canteen or snack vending machine.

A healthy office is a happy office and that’s why Furniture at Work have produced a fab recipe ebook featuring 20 healthy recipes for treats, snacks, smoothies, and shakes to enjoy for elevenses at work. The recipes are all from real, busy people; including bloggers like me. Yes, you can find my recipe for blueberry & cinnamon muffins on one of the pages!

The ebook is now available for you to view here, but here is a sneaky little peek at my page!

Elevenses muffins

What healthy snacks do you like to enjoy for your elevenses in the office?
Which recipes from the ebook are you looking forward to enjoying?

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