The Wicked Uncle toy challenge | Review

Wicked Uncle challenge review

A few weeks ago we were contacted by the awesome guys at Wicked Uncle to see if the boys had an actual real life uncle who would be willing to take on the Wicked Uncle challenge. There was only one other requirement – the uncle had to have no children of his own. The boys have two uncles, and one has a daughter, so that left the other one! We will call him Uncle Wayne. (As we do in the video anyway!)

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Uncle Wayne was sent a £40 voucher from the the other Uncle to choose some toys that he thought the boys would love. They didn’t know they would be getting any new toys so it was a bit like Christmas for them! We decided we would do an unboxing video, and Daddy was behind the camera so you’ll just have to excuse him (sorry).

Our thoughts

So, as you saw in the video, uncle Wayne bought:

Penguin Popper and Dino Popper

Penguin popper and dino popper from Wicked Uncle

These poppers come with 5 balls each. Basically, you place a ball in the poppers mouth, squeeze its belly, and it pops the ball out! It does pop out with force though so you have to be careful what it is aimed at! The boys absolutely love these; Noah is always chuckling when playing with them as he loves the noise they make! These are definitely a really fun toy, probably more suited to outside.

Wooden Police Car and Patriot Dragster Wooden Car

Wooden Police Car and Patriot Dragster Wooden Car from Wicked Uncle

I love wooden toys and the boys usually get something wooden for Christmas or birthdays. These cars are excellent quality, and the great thing about them is that the removeable pieces such as the wheels, the cab and the spoiler, are all interchangeable so the boys have had lots of fun swapping the pieces and making different vehicles.

John Deere Dump Truck and Tractor

John Deere Dump Truck and Tractor from Wicked Uncle

The boys love their vehicles (they have so many!) and at the moment Noah is especially obsessed with tractors, so this was a good choice! These are great quality plastic, and they have movable parts so they are fun to actually put things in and tip them out. They are good for digging in the garden too – or maybe a sandpit instead!

The website

Uncle Wayne said the website was really easy to navigate, with lots of choice. The payment process was also simple. I’ve had a look myself and I love the fun look of the website, and I think I will be considering it for Christmas for the boys; and their birthdays soon after!

The Wicked Uncle challenge – passed!

Age – baby-teen
RRP – varies

Our rating – 5/5

We were sent these products free of charge to review. All thoughts and opinions are honest & our own.

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