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Kaspa's Leeds

Waffles. Crepes. Sundaes. Shakes. Cakes. Drooling yet? I certainly was when I was invited to the opening of a brand new Kaspa’s, in The Core Shopping Centre in Leeds city centre. The Leeds branch is the third to open in the Yorkshire region and is located in a prime position in the food court. When you’ve had a hard day shopping, you need a treat, right?

Kaspa's shirts

Kaspa’s are a chain of exciting new dessert houses that offer the world’s favourite hot and cold desserts under one roof. Our emphasis is on high quality desserts, good customer service and an overall amazing dining experience for our customers.

Along with a number of fellow bloggers, I attended a special preview and tasting session before the doors officially opened. The outside of Kaspa’s is very eye-catching and a number of potential customers were stopping to have a look.

Kaspas Leeds

The decor inside is really funky with an American diner feel to it and plenty of seating to cater for the masses. I especially loved the glittery walls!

Kaspa's Leeds

My thoughts

We were treated to a tantalising four course menu of:

Classic Banana Split

The classic banana split was our first course from the choice of sundaes that Kaspa’s have on offer. Consisting of a banana, which is literally buried underneath a bed of vanilla ice cream and fudge pieces, topped off with whipped cream; and just for a finishing touch, chocolate curls, toffee syrup and wafers. I honestly was not expecting the size of this monster! But let me tell you, it was a beautiful monster.

Kaspa's classic banana split

Kaspa's classic banana split cigarillo wafer

Once I’d pretty much demolished the cream, I found the banana and managed to have a few mouthfuls of everything. It. Was. Delicious. There was certainly lots of ‘mmm’ going on amongst us! As I knew there were three more courses to go, I didn’t quite manage to finish it but I think I could just do so on any other occasion. It’s also big enough to share between two, if you don’t have as big an appetite.

Kaspa's classic banana split printed wafer

Strawberry Delight Waffle

We were treated to the strawberry delight waffle for our second course; oh boy, it certainly was a delight. Strawberries are such a great pairing with a waffle, and even more so with chocolate, so this fresh waffle topped with strawberry slices, drizzled with chocolate sauce and finished with chocolate flakes and cream on the side, was a perfect match. Once again, I couldn’t believe the size when it was brought to the table. But it smelled so good, and looked beautiful. I couldn’t wait to tuck in.

Kaspa's strawberry indulge waffle

The waffle was so deep and golden, crunchy on the outside, but so light and fluffy on the inside. The amount of strawberries was very generous, and the chocolate just set if off completely. I desperately wanted to finish this off, but knowing there were still two more courses to go, and garnering the portion size by now, I reluctantly didn’t. I definitely would any other time though!

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Belgian White Chocolate Crepe

If I thought the portions at Kaspa’s couldn’t get any bigger, I was wrong. For our third course, we were treated to a Belgian white chocolate crepe. But not just any old size crepe. No, this was a giant crepe. Not like your normal size crepe (or pancake) you would fit flat on your plate at home; nope, this one had to be folded to fit, and I think if I’d unfolded it then it would have been bigger than my head. Topped with a Belgian white chocolate syrup and finished with white chocolate flakes, I had a feeling this one was going to be sickly.

Kaspa's Belgian white chocolate crepe

Kaspa’s are certainly generous with their toppings as well as their base; there was more chocolate on the inside of the crepe, so it just oozed out when I cut it. I usually find white chocolate sickly anyway, so I don’t think I would be able to finish this one even if I hadn’t had the two courses before. Don’t get me wrong, it was really tasty and the crepe was thick as well as large.

Pistachio gateaux

Our fourth and final course was served with coffee; time to wind down after our extravagant meal of desserts. What better accompaniment to coffee, than cake? We were each served something different from a selection of gateaux made with fresh cream. I had the task of tasting the pistachio gateaux, whilst my table partner Vicky from The Motherhood had the strawberry gateaux.

Kaspa's pistachio gateaux

Kaspa's strawberry gateaux

Kaspa’s gateaux consist of three layers of cake, held together by flavoured fresh cream, finished off with beautiful decoration. The pistachio gateaux had pistachio flavoured cream, sprinkled with a pistachio crumb, and a chocolate curl bedded in more cream. It was so pretty that I didn’t want to eat it, but needs must. (Tough job, but someone’s gotta do it). The cake itself was immensely light and moist; I’ve never tasted one like it! The cream was so smooth and melt in your mouth; this was definitely one to savour.

Kaspa's pistachio gateaux cream

Even  though I had just had four courses of delightfulness, I couldn’t help but take in the delights on the display counter. Especially the bubblegum gateaux – how cool does that look?!

Kaspa's gateaux
Kaspa's cheesecake
Kaspa's gelato

My overall opinion of Kaspa’s Leeds? Great location, friendly staff, funky bright decor, an amazing array of sweet delights. Way too many to choose from. My personal recommendation would be to try a signature waffle with one of the many toppings on offer; I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

My rating – 5/5

I was invited to attend this event in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are honest & my own.

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