Panasonic High Power Blender | First Impressions

Panasonic high power blender - first impressions

You may remember a few months ago I announced that I was a Panasonic Kitchen ambassador for the coming year. The first product I reviewed  was the Panasonic Steam Combi Oven. I also shared this coconut coffee triple layer cake that I baked in it.

The latest product I have received from the Panasonic kitchen is the High Power Blender MX-ZX1800SXC – which also boasts the functions of a food processor!

Feed your culinary imagination with the High Power Blender, the latest in fresh food preparation and kitchen convenience. Boasting a wide range of programmes and easy-to-use features, the blender transforms fresh and healthy ingredients into nutritious food and tasty beverages for gourmet meals.


Like the Steam Combi Oven, this blender has a very modern, sleek look with its black & silver colour. It is also super shiny so will give any kitchen an up-to-date look if it’s kept on a counter top. Again, it has no chunky buttons and has an intelligent smooth touch display that lights up when turned on. Unlike most other blenders I’ve seen that have a round design, this one is more angular, but curved with it. It looks chunky, and I won’t lie, it is; so you will need a fairly big space if it is to be stored on the counter top. It’s also quite heavy – but with all the functions and technology required to use it, I’m not too surprised.

Panasonic high power blender


A quick glance at the box, the instruction book, and even the blender itself shows you the basics of what can be made in this High Power Blender. It has six auto modes for you to make juices, smoothies, purees, soups, grind (ingredients such as nuts to a fine powder) and make smooth desserts (from frozen fruit). It even has an ice pack for this! There is also a manual mode, but I think that this would rarely need to be used as you can also adjust the time in auto mode. I did notice though that when making soups, ingredients that can’t be eaten raw (such as potatoes, meat, etc.) must be cooked before adding to the blender.

Key features

The Panasonic High Power Blender has many features that make it unique compared to others; for a start, all of the functions alone. The main features are:

  • effortless preparation with the six pre-programmed auto settings
  • 10 speed control to blend ingredients to a wide variety of textures
  • cutting-edge blade technology, with straight edge and jagged edge blades to cut, chop, and give smoother textures
  • an ice jacket (with drip tray!) to keep juices and smoothies cool, and keep frozen desserts colder for longer


I did have a quick look through the instructions to familiarise myself before using the blender for the first time. The blade comes out for cleaning, and it comes with a special attachment for taking it out – as it looks very sharp! I did find it a bit of a struggle to get out the first time though. The blender jug itself just pops into the base, with no twisting or turning required. There is an on/off switch on the back of the base too, as well as using the plug socket; I like this as an extra safety feature. When in use, the blender is very noisy (it did give me a bit of a shock); but this is as with most types really! It is very quick at its function though, and is extremely accurate in timing for consistency of ingredients.

I will have a recipe post or two coming soon – keep a look out!

*This post forms part of my ambassador role for the Panasonic Kitchen.

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