Organix Goodies chunky fruit bars | Review

My boys definitely take after their Mummy & Daddy – they love food and barely ever stop eating. Despite them snacking through the day – usually on fruit – we have a set snack time falling between 10am & 10.30am where they will sit down together and share a small plate of various snacks; it also gives me a chance to get a few jobs done as they rarely fight when they are eating!

J often asks for treats (sweets or chocolate!) but I prefer to give them something such as fruit, rice cakes, crackers, bread sticks or small cubes of cheese. The Organix Goodies chunky fruit bars they were recently sent to review are perfect for J thinking that he is getting a treat when in actual fact it is just 100% fruity goodness (N doesn’t mind as long as it’s food!).

The two flavours they were sent were banana & date and apple & date, and they come in trademark Organix colourful boxes of six bars – each bar has five chunky pieces so perfect for them to have one each or share one of each flavour for a snack, though the bars were a little smaller than I expected them to be (I was probably thinking adult size to be honest!).


They both devoured the bars down; I couldn’t tell you which was their favourite flavour as they seemed to love them both! A bonus is that each bar is one of their five a day, so if they didn’t love their fruit ‘as is’, at least I could get it into them via these. They are good value at just over 40p each but not something I would give them every day – great for a ‘pretend’ treat I think.


Organix Goodies chunky fruit bars have an RRP of £2.49 for a pack of six and can be purchased from most major supermarkets. 
Our rating – 4.5/5
We were sent these products free of charge to review. All thoughts and opinions are honest & our own.

14 thoughts on “Organix Goodies chunky fruit bars | Review

  1. My daughter is permanently ravenous at the moment so we have quite a lot of the Goodies and Organix snacks in to help fill her up, I like the way these can be broken up though if the whole bar is too much. #triedtested

  2. My two are a little older now, but I used to buy the Organix range all the time when they were toddlers. Lovely snacks, and healthy too – just right for putting in the bag for out and about snacking! 🙂
    The rice cakes and fruit bars were firm favourites.

  3. These look tasty, I might try and get some for Luke. 🙂 Ray xx @ #triedtested

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