Project 365 – Week 31 (days 208 – 214)

Day 208 / July 27th
N has just started rolling back to front so he decided to take a peek down J’s tunnel.

Day 209 / July 28th
I love N’s eyelashes. They’re so thick & dark.

Day 210 / July 29th
J decided to introduce N to his vehicle collection.

Day 211 / July 30th
I love snapping photos of flowers on our walks. I love the colour and shape of these (don’t know what they’re called though).

Day 212 / July 31st
I took this right after J had gotten rather upset about his banana breaking – full on tears and everything. He’s taken to pouting when he’s upset (or been told off!).

Day 213 / August 1st
We went to stay & play at Ballpool Heaven today and they have a new bouncy castle. J posed for a snap – “cheeeeese”!

Day 214 / August 2nd
Well he was actually 5 months old yesterday but I forgot until he had gone to bed!

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