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As a parent, teething is a horrible thing to see our
babies go through, no matter what their age. With J, his first tooth didn’t
come through until he was 9 months old, but looking back I think he was
teething from around 10 weeks old. He had a couple of the usual signs – hand biting,
dribbling – but though I kept checking for teeth emerging I never actually saw
any until then.
With N, although all babies are different, I have to be
honest that I was expecting pretty much the same. But, I think he started
teething from around 7 or 8 weeks old – the same signs, hand biting &
dribbling. Differently to J though his first tooth is starting to poke through
already, at the grand old age of 5 months old. Compared to when J got his first
tooth, he still seems much too young to be going through the pain of teething.
When you tell people that your baby is teething, they
suggest so many different remedies. From the older generation, I’ve found that
it’s usually whiskey on the dummy (not that N has one) or rubbed on their gums!
Other remedies that have been suggested to me are amber anklets/necklaces,
teething powders, teething gel, teething rings, ice lollies (obviously for when
they are a little older), or ice cold fruit & vegetable sticks. With J we
tried the powders and gel; he never really took to a teething ring. So far with
N we have tried amber & the gel. He can’t quite grip a teething ring yet as
it’s a little heavy. Though as a mum, I am always on the lookout for new
teething pain remedies.
Camilia oral
solution is a unique teething relief product. It was only introduced in the UK
in 2013 but it has been in production since 1994 and is available in 9 other
countries around the world. Camilia is a natural homeopathic medicinal product
used within the homeopathic tradition for teething pain and other minor
symptoms associated with it, including painful swollen gums and irritability.
Camilia contains no sugar, no lactose, no alcohol, no
flavour, and no preservatives. The only ingredients are chamomilla 9C,
phytolacca decandra 5C, rheum officinale 5C (all active ingredients) and
purified water (inactive ingredient) – you can read more information on these here.
Camilia comes in single dose containers meaning it is sterile, and also easy to
carry for on the go relief. It can be administered in a single dose, 2 to 3
times a day, to babies and toddlers aged 1 month up to 2 years, and children
aged 2 up to 6 years.


As with any medicines, please make sure to read the
label before use.
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