A to Z of Family – H is for (Little) Helper

Recently J has become a real little helper for Mummy. I say he helps, he attempts to but with some things I let him then just do it again when he’s not looking… Though sometimes his help is really more of a hinderance! I do appreciate the thought though and that he just wants to be like Mummy.
Some of the jobs he likes to help with:

  • dusting 
  • sweeping the floor 
  • cleaning accidents on the carpet
  • fetching nappies
  • putting nappies in the bucket
  • putting toys away
  • taking the dishes away (which always nearly gives me a mild heart attack when it’s ours instead of his!)
  • fetching shoes
  • taking shoes off
  • getting items from the fridge
  • putting shopping away
  • cleaning up N when he’s been sick 
  • taking Mummy to the toilet (opening the door, showing me where to sit and passing me toilet roll!)
  • brushing my hair

I’m sure there is more but he likes to help with so much that I can’t think off the top of my head!

Do you have a little helper in your house?

A to Z of Family

One thought on “A to Z of Family – H is for (Little) Helper

  1. I enjoyed reading this as our 16 month old son really likes walking around with our dustpan and brush! It was a bit of a challenge getting them off him before giving him a bath this evening!


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