Project 365 – Week 23 (days 152 – 158)

June 1st / Day 152
Hubby was a star and made me all this for breakfast! Bacon, mmm…

June 2nd / Day 153
We went out for the afternoon today and met a resident peacock.

June 3rd / Day 154
Fajitas for dinner tonight, made in the fab new pan I’m reviewing (coming soon).

June 4th / Day 155
J didn’t go to bed until 10.30 pm last night (he had a late nap in the car, doh!) and had to be up at 7.30 am for nursery so he was shattered when we got home and slept from 2 pm to 6 pm! Needless to say he was late to bed again!

June 5th / Day 156
Chocolate cupcakes on the cards today – shame they were for someone else! (I may have licked the bowl when I’d finished though…).

June 6th / Day 157
The weather was gorgeous today so J’s girlfriend had her paddling pool out and they spent all afternoon out in the sun.

June 7th / Day 158
N gazing at himself in the mirror of his play mat. 

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