Messy play – card painting

After receiving a lovely handprint butterfly card from little man for my first Mother’s Day, I thought we would do the same for Daddy. Well, something a little more manly… And a little more creative, hubby has no clue really!

After doing a little researching, I decided on a tree. I painted the trunk and branches and then little man & I got to work together!

First we did his handprints for the leaves. We use baby safe paint as everything ends up in his mouth! He had a look at what he had done, I think he was pleased with himself!

Then we got to work on the grass, made from his footprint. He has ticklish feet so he had a giggle whilst I painted it on!

We will be doing a lot more painting crafts, but now the weather is brightening up, I think we’ll take the tuff tray outside and do it that way!

One thought on “Messy play – card painting

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