The 'Berry' Pregnancy Diaries – week 9

Wednesday 24th July – 9w 3d
I got my dating scan date through today – it’s next Monday! I didn’t think it would be that quick, but saying that going by the midwife dates I am 2 weeks ahead of my dates, so it makes sense. 

Thursday 25th July – 9w 4d
I’ve been so ill today. Well, maybe I’m exaggerating just a little bit, but I have been ill. I woke up with really bad tummy pains, I was really worried at first, but then I was sick. I’d felt it building up all morning and was so relieved when it finally made its way out! My first thought was maybe morning sickness had found its way to me finally, but then *ahem* I had more signs of it being some kind of bug. I was not too bad for the rest of the day except tummy ache, but spent most of it in bed. Hubby had a pepperoni pizza for his tea and it made me heave, and then made me sick again. Safe to say I’ve gone off that for a while. 

Friday 26th July – 9w 5d
I’ve had no more sickness today so maybe not morning sickness, still got a bit of tummy ache though, probably just this bug or whatever it was wearing off. 

Saturday 27th July – 9w 6d
Still got tummy ache and have barely eaten anything since Wednesday. Feeling nauseous all of the time too, worse than it ever was with little man. All good signs though! 

At week 9, berry is the size of a cherry (!).
Their eyelids are fused shut.
 They have tiny taste buds.
The hands & feet are developing.
The major internal organs continue to develop. 
The reproductive organs are forming.

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