Weight loss – week 7

As usual I’ll start with my weigh in. Not a good one to report, I gained 4 lbs. Oops. But I’ve been maintaining it since then so I’m a little hopeful. I’ve also cancelled my Tesco Diets account as I can’t do it whilst pregnant, so I’m on my own once again! That, I am a little worried about. I usually manage okay at first but then falter terribly… But I have to be strong for myself this time as I do not want to gain as much as I did with little man; I haven’t even lost all of that yet! 

I’ve also been thinking over the last few days, about whether to keep up with joining in Wobbles Wednesday over the next few months. It has helped me the last few weeks but I’ll mainly be reporting a gain, which I’ll probably write up in my pregnancy diary anyway. I will support you ladies though with encouragement, and maybe join in once in a while!

I’m at that stage of pregnancy where I can barely eat a full meal anyway, so I’m hoping I won’t gain too much in the first trimester. And then I’ll just have to be sure to keep it up! 

I’m joining in with The Naked Mum’s Wobbles Wednesday linky, which is being hosted by Ditch Flab Get Fab this week.

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