Messy play – card painting

After receiving a lovely handprint butterfly card from little man for my first Mother’s Day, I thought we would do the same for Daddy. Well, something a little more manly… And a little more creative, hubby has no clue really!

After doing a little researching, I decided on a tree. I painted the trunk and branches and then little man & I got to work together!

First we did his handprints for the leaves. We use baby safe paint as everything ends up in his mouth! He had a look at what he had done, I think he was pleased with himself!

Then we got to work on the grass, made from his footprint. He has ticklish feet so he had a giggle whilst I painted it on!

We will be doing a lot more painting crafts, but now the weather is brightening up, I think we’ll take the tuff tray outside and do it that way!

Messy play – jelly!

At the moment all of our days blend into one, and little man soon gets bored doing the same thing over and over. So I thought it was time for some messy play! We (hubby & I) were going to make jelly worms, but we tried for 3/4 of an hour and just couldn’t get it right, so we just put jelly into different shaped receptacles in the end! 

Let’s get set!

Testing the water jelly!

We don’t have anywhere/anything really for him to do messy play, so we just bought a cheap as chips shower curtain, and it seemed to do the job! I also had a towel to hand for a quick clean up! 

He was a bit wary of the jelly at first, as he’s never had it before, and obviously it’s a new texture.  He just kept poking it really quickly, then I had to get in there and show him it was ok to touch it,  he really got stuck in then, and experienced its taste for the first time too! We have some left over, so I’m going to let hubby loose with him tomorrow too, he’s a big kid at heart! 

Is it okay, Mummy?
Getting stuck in!