Jumping for Matilda Mae #MMSkydive

A few months ago I blogged about The Lullaby Trust and the loss of Matilda Mae. Today 9 very brave and inspiring ladies have jumped out of a plane to skydive in her precious memory. 

As I said in that post, nobody should ever have to lose a child to SIDS; I still just cannot imagine the heartbreak and emotional turmoil the family have to go through. Matilda Mae & Edspire’s story has touched me so much, and even now I am sat here in tears writing this. 

I would say, let’s help to get #MMSkydive trending on Twitter, but this already happened early this morning and I have been joining in the tweeting whilst following the ladies jumping out of a plane. I’m a bit late to the blog today but please please go over to Twitter and congratulate them, and send your wishes to @Edspire; she is of course also one very brave lady, so in fact there are 10 very brave ladies taking part today. Also if you are a blogger, get blogging! 

You can donate to the team over on their JustGiving page. Of course they have already smashed their target but let’s get that total higher. 

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