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I’ve recently realised I don’t update on little man’s learning & experiences as much as I should, so I’m going to start doing so more. It’s been a long time since I have updated on him! 

He has learned a few new words/phrases since my last update

  • hot (from us telling him not touch things because they are hot) 
  • cat (he loves sitting at the window looking for cats) 
  • Lily (his girlfriend next door – he spends his days calling her name and looking out of the window for her!)
  • gog (for dog)
  • there (when I ask him where something is) 
  • baby (he’s started saying this a lot, and knows what a baby is now – good job!) 
  • what’s that? (usually pointing up to the sky, so sky may be a new word soon!) 
This means that at 18.5 months he has (at least) a 16 word vocabulary. 

A few nights a week he ends up in our bed. Daddy goes to work before little man wakes up, so when he does wake up he climbs out of Daddy’s side of the bed. The first thing he does? Empties Daddy’s underwear drawers! All of them! Though he has started being a good boy  and putting them back when he’s finished. And then proceeds to repeat himself.  

A few months ago I also wrote about him hitting other children. It seemed to be just a phase, as recently he has started to cuddle, kiss and stroke them instead! I knew he could be a lovely little boy in others company if he wanted to. (He hasn’t stopped his tantrums since then though, if anything, he’s gotten worse! And it usually results in him injuring himself. Over the weekend he ended up with a bleeding nose & mouth, resulting in a swollen lip and swollen & bruised nose from face-planting the floor in an extreme strop). 

One of his favourite new activities is climbing onto the windowsill! We have low windowsills so it’s a constant battle to stop him. He started by climbing over the back of the sofa, and then us taking him off and telling him no. He knows he’s being a monkey by doing it as he puts one leg up, looks at us and smiles, we tell him no, then he proceeds to do it anyway! Now, he goes around the side of the sofa and puts one knee onto the radiator and pulls himself up. I’m scared he’s going to try and climb out of the window so they are constantly closed too! I think he may stop going this way though when the weather gets a lot colder and the radiators are on…

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