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Day 137 / May 17th
I had been driven mad by the boys all morning so as soon as hubby got home from work, I shut myself in the bedroom with a cuppa and my kindle – peace at last!

Day 138 / May 18th
I ended my night on the day before weigh in with a 5 syn treat, yummy.

Day 139 / May 19th
At Fit Tots today the children had sand to play with – I had to quickly get this photo of the boys playing nicely next to each other!

Day 140 / May 20th
A few months ago I won tickets to Ben & Holly Live! in another blog giveaway, and today was the day! I’m not sure who was more excited though, me or him… The show was brilliant though!

Day 141 / May 21st
How to keep a boddler amused in the pound shop…

Day 142 / May 22nd
I might have mentioned before that N has an obsession with climbing at the minute?…

Day 143 / May 23rd
Another photo of the boys playing nicely together, in the same week! I really do treasure these photos!

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I’m Stacey, in my mid-late 30’s, from a tiny village (officially a hamlet) in Lincolnshire.

I’m a mum to two handsome boys. They’re both diagnosed autistic but that only makes them different, not less. Barney, a Frenchie x Beagle, is my furbaby. Owner of a husband too!

Blogging about lifestyle and books with a bit of everything else thrown in!

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  1. Your little boy looks so cute pulling the trolley along. Z is forever wanting to do the same!

    1. His big brother was doing it and he always wants to be the same bless him, so they had one each!

  2. Terror on the loose in the shop!!!
    Minky climbs EVERYTHING as well, one day he is going to fall and seriously injure himself as my daughter has concrete floors.
    It is nice to see them playing together.
    We all need some peace and time to ourselves.

    1. Well this week he has a black eye from climbing and falling, oh dear!

  3. love the title of your blog, and fab you were able to shut yourself away for some 'Me time'

    1. Thank you 🙂 Me time is really great!

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