Little man’s latest escapade

On Sunday we had another hospital visit with little man. Last time it was to the out of hours doctor for his chest infection; this time it was a proper A&E visit, his first one! 

We were outside, I was hanging the washing out, and he was playing with a football. Outside our front it is full of grass, but out the back it is just paving slabs, and our washing line is out the back. Obviously I don’t like to leave him inside on his own, so he has to come out with me, which is much easier now he is walking. I’d only hung a few bits up, when I saw him fall over and a football running away. Cue lots of screaming from little man. At first, I thought he’d just scraped his knees, which is what usually happens, until I rushed over, picked him up, and saw a lot of blood streaming from his nose. Cue lots of panicking from me. And blood smeared all down me where it was running down his face and I was cuddling him to me.

This is where I regret never doing a child first aid course, and the exact moment I decided it needs to be on my to-do list. I had no idea what to do with him. He was in a panic, I was in a panic. I took him inside, got a lot of kitchen roll, and caught as much blood as I could; all with him still screaming, and me sobbing. Then I gave him a biscuit. He was ok then. I wasn’t! The blood stream slowed down a lot, but I still wanted to take him to get checked out. Hubby was at work, finishing soon thank goodness, so as soon as he got home we jumped in the car. 

Luckily we didn’t have that long of a wait when we got there, but there was a playroom to keep him occupied anyway. We were called into triage and she took all his details and his pulse, though he kept pulling the monitor off his toe, little monkey! Another little wait and then we were called in to see the doctor. She cleaned his nose up and had a look up there, luckily everything was fine and we just had to keep an eye on it. So I felt very much like a paranoid Mummy, as usual!

I’m pleased to report he is fine now, the swelling has gone down and it looks pretty much normal again. 

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