Try These Landscaping Ideas to Maximize Your Home’s Kerb Appeal

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Homeowners worldwide prioritise various projects that will make their houses look more beautiful from the outside to captivate passers-by and potential buyers. In the UK, your kerb’s attractiveness is so essential to homeowners that your home could sell for £57,000 less than your asking price if it lacks enough appeal. Since landscaping is an excellent way to boost your home’s exterior appearance, investing in quality landscaping is always worth considering. Therefore, if you want to know more about landscaping ideas that maximise kerb appeal, please consider the following points.

Use a yard edger

Although it sounds basic, it’s essential to clean up your lawn’s edges besides keeping it mowed neatly at all times. Cleaning up lawn edges creates a cleaner look for your yard and makes footpaths more defined, instantly improving your home’s kerb appeal. An edger’s purpose is purely aesthetic, clearing out scraggly grass from overhanging your driveway and ensuring neat lines in your diving lawns and concrete. Also, consider investing in flexible steel lawn edging to maintain neat edges for your paths, driveways, lawns, flower, or vegetable beds.

Keep a low-maintenance garden

It’s no secret that UK dwellers love their gardens, as evidenced by data indicating that UK households spent a reported £7.5 billion on garden goods alone in 2017. Therefore, keeping a low-maintenance garden is always advisable to improve your home’s kerb appeal. A low-maintenance garden is preferable to an elaborate one because potential buyers might be put off by the level of dedication and money that will go into maintaining extensive beds or shrubbery. Therefore, always keep your garden design as minimal as possible, opting for exciting colour combinations and other design elements instead of high-maintenance greenery.

Add big trees where appropriate

People often see your house and judge its appeal quickly, either as they drive by or on a walk. Many real estate experts estimate that your home has between 10-30 seconds to make a positive first impression on passers-by and potential buyers. Therefore, consider investing in masses of plants and giant trees that are attractive from afar to anchor your overall design. However, you must be careful to avoid blocking doors and windows with these plants and trees, as buyers will want to check them out too.

Consider hardscaping

Vegetation isn’t the only landscaping idea that can boost your house’s kerb appeal. You can add wood structures like fences and gazebos in your outdoor space to brighten the area. Driveways are another crucial area where you can experiment with several hardscaping ideas. Well-designed driveways made from flagstone, pavers, concrete, and other aesthetic options can significantly improve your outdoor space’s quality by getting rid of cracks, holes, among others.

Finally, walkways are another hardscaping idea worth considering to improve your landscape’s kerb appeal. Although their primary purpose is making your home more navigable and accessible, well-planned walkways can be a solid background that can support the lush greenery of your home’s lawns, so prioritise walkways for the best results.

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