How To Survive This COVID Christmas

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It’s almost Christmas, which for many is usually such a wonderful time of the year, however, this year may be very different for some. Due to the Coronavirus, many people are unable to see their loved ones this year as there are too many of them, and others are unable to see their elderly or vulnerable relatives for fear of infecting them. This Christmas, for many, may be a time of great sadness, loneliness and loss. Suddenly the traditions you have become used to have been turned upside down. And sadly, one of the worst parts of this is that this year, there is nothing you can do about it. So, what can you do to cope this year?

Ask For Help

There are many charities out there just waiting to help you. If you need food this year, help to get essentials or you just need someone to talk to, there is help out there. Don’t do this on your own and if you don’t feel that you can talk to family or friends about how you’re feeling then make use of these fabulous charities who are there to help you. If disaster strikes this year and your oven breaks or you need to call the plumbers in then don’t let it get to you. It’s only one day and these things can happen. Just get the experts in and get it sorted as soon as you can. 

Video Call

Technology has been a saviour this year and helped so many to keep working, helped people to get food and essentials and kept people connected. Video calling and technology can be your saviour for Christmas too. You can see more people than you normally would with video calling and even play Christmas games with the whole family no matter where they are in the world. You could play an Escape Room game online, you could play Bingo or you could create a Christmas Quiz and have plenty of fun without having to leave the room.

Try To See The Bigger Picture

While it can be really difficult, it’s important that you remember why you are making sacrifices this year. It might sound grim, but many people are justifying not seeing their parents this year so that they are alive for next year’s Christmas. This might seem a little dramatic but is it worth the risk? There will be other Christmases and the pandemic will be over quicker if everyone limits who they see. 

Honour Those You Have Lost

If you have lost any family members or friends this year due to COVID or for any reason, then Christmas was always going to be a difficult time. Make sure that you honour their memory, toast to them and if you get upset then allow yourself to have your feelings as it will help you to feel better. Also, make sure you remember the happy times to make you smile.

Make Plans For The Future

Remember, not all Christmases will be like this, so make plans for next year, or even better make plans and throw ideas around of what you and your family and friends are all going to do when you can finally get together again. Who says you can’t have a Christmas Day in June? There’s plenty to look forward to once you get through this difficult time so don’t give up. 

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