The growing need for different requirements for websites has had a monumental year due to changes in how we have to operate since the advent of Covid-19.

More and more companies that were already established yet not utilising an online presence, as well as fresh start up businesses just getting their foot out of the front door, had to instantly adopt the internet as their savior. As requirement grew, so did emerging trends for people to better handle the way they do business.

Here are some of the hottest trends in web design for the next year.

Voice search

Voice search is a feature that every smartphone is already equipped with a voice digital assistant such as Siri or Google Assistant, the next advancement are seemingly AI smart speakers. Interface is the current hot trend due to its ease of use and is expected to be a leading feature in 2021.

Being a main trend in ecommerce, voice search is applicable to all businesses on the internet. If you have a web app and want it to be found, look at optimizing it as soon as possible.

Responsive design

Responsive web design is the current overhaul for businesses wanting to appeal to more and more customers. By giving full attention to their website to make it compatible with mobile phone and tablet use, businesses are attracting clients by having a website that meets browsing requirements for people on the move or looking for a quick solution.

Transforming company websites into fully functioning ecommerce stores has saved a lot of high street businesses unable to trade in person. Not only has this put their previously advertising only websites to good use, but it has also provided larger turnover of business by being able to guide sales through social platforms.

Social media marketing

Social Media Marketing has seen an increase for the same reasons as transforming to only sales. With more and more people relying on the internet to provide them with their requirements, online marketing through social media channels such as Facebook, Linkedin and others have driven sales for some companies to more than triple their expected totals.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has seen a huge increase for businesses in 2020, with many companies seeing the opportunity to trade alongside industry leaders as well as benefit from the loss of major chains who did not embrace the new marketplace requirements. By utilising specific keywords, business was very good for many establishing business owners.

Mobile apps

Mobile apps saw a surge in positive growth due to pandemic requirements, with such brands as delivery services and fitness apps seeing larger numbers than ever before. As forward thinking companies were quick to figure out that an online app could solve their impending dry up of customers, they saw the benefits within a week of their product being available to those in lockdown.

Stockport website design firms have seen an increase in business owners thinking outside the box and wanting to throw new efforts into their business to secure a foothold for the next year. By embracing the change your business can be the success story you didn’t expect.

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